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Sew your city



Yesterday I attended very interesting event in Aarhus, organized by University International Club (UIC).

We were invited to see an exhibition in local museum. The Museum of Ancient Art and Archaelogy hosted exhibition of local women ‘Sew your city’.

The idea of this exhibition began with meeting of museum employeer, who studied history and owner of the embroidery shop.

They wanted to make something involving with Aarhus theme and also something that would have connection with antique.

The result became a full exhibition that consists of 28 works. All of them are made in different styles.

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“Matador” musical at Vilhelmsborg festspil

11800433_930015760402920_5484850376906740350_nSince I started to learn Danish language, I also became curious about Danish culture and Danish tradition. I think when you are immigrant, no matter how you know language, there can be some barriers when you speak with native citizens. They all have common memories about childhood (movies, cartoons, jokes, history lessons etc.), and for foreign person it can be difficult sometimes. For the moment for me it is important to be integrated into Danish society, so I try to discover different things that all Danes know.

And the first thing, my Danish friends advised me to watch, was TV – show “Matador”.

The show was going from 1978 till 1982 and it is still is shown on television.

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Exhibition of Odessa artist Vadim Kuchera – Kuts

original1Another thing I did on weekend – was to attend exhibition of Odessa artist Vadim Kuchera – Kuts (1966 – 2013) at Museum of Western and Eastern Art.

Here is translation of museum’s description of the exhibition:

“Vadim’s paintings are stunningly vivid and really live in their surreal truthfulness as colored dreams of a young man in love. Vadim Kuchera-Kuts – successful synthesis of Odessa temperamental beginning (Odessa Art School, workshop of the famous Odessa artist-teacher Pavlyuk) and St. Petersburg artistic forging (Academy of Fine Arts, president of the Academy workshop B. Ugarov ).

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Презентация выставки Одесских художников в музее г. Ильичевска


Совершенно случайно узнала про презентацию выставки в музее изобразительных искусств им. А.М. Белого. Выставка представила работы двух одесских художников – В.В. Лимо и Г.П. Вовка.

После презентации мне удалось пообщаться с обоими художниками.

И мне бы хотелось поделиться полученной информацией с Вами, мои дорогие читатели.

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Встреча с искусствоведом из Одессы


Старое фото Одессы

Иногда я сама не знаю, как я нахожу героев для своих статей. Как то случайно я нашла в интернете резюме искусствоведа Вероники, и, увидев ее огромный опыт работы, мне сразу захотелось с ней встретиться.

Мне пришлось несколько минут уговаривать Веронику, но, в конце концов, мне удалось договориться о встрече.

Прочитав статью, Вы сами увидите, насколько много Вероника проработала в сфере искусства.

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Tour to Aarhus Natural museum by taxidermist from Belgium

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast Saturday I was invited for a tour to the Natural History museum in Aarhus. One of my friends Dominik invited me and other friends to museum. He was working there for several years and organizes such tours from time to time for his friends.

Dominik Speleman is one of the strangest people I have ever met. We met by accident several months ago through common friends. The minute he told me a bit about himself I understood we will be friends. He is Belgian (after one year living in Belgium I have secret love to all citizens), he visited and fell in love with Odessa, and he had 2 kg of chocolate candies and he shared them with all of us. So I didn’t have any choice but just to like this guy.

In several days I met him at Trøjborg Beboerhus (one of the culture centers in Aarhus, people have fruits and vegetables by charity from local market and once a week they gather and cook together). By this time I discovered about his occupation, Dominik works as a taxidermist.

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