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To be happy at foreign country

11866490_10205634350232637_4913902510680936128_nOften when I meet immigrants, they start to complain about their present life at a foreign country, how different new culture is and how they miss their homes. It makes me sad to hear this, because I think if you made decision to live at a foreign country, you need to do everything possible to understand it and to be happy.

That‘s why meeting with such person as Michelle is a life present to me. As it appeared, it wasn’t the first time Michelle gave interview, she was telling her life story before.

Michelle is a positive and active person and she shows that an immigrant can find happiness in a new country.

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Hair accessories in Ukraine

d-VgzqKltXYEnglish version below.
Благодаря выставки товаров хенд – мейд “Комильфо” в Ильичевске познакомилась с чудесной женщиной Инной.
Инна продавала красивые головные украшения. И спустя несколько дней мы встретились для беседы об ее бизнесе.
Как оказалось, Инна предприниматель с 1999 года, на местном рынке она владеет двумя небольшими магазинчиками.

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“Android Hobby Programmers” by Martin Knudsen

Last year for an interview I met Martin Knudsen. Eventually we became good friends.

Already at that time he created apps and now I am happy to introduce you his first book about making apps and how to create of them hobby business.

So if you are thinking of creating and selling your apps, this book will be for you!

P.S. I got some updates about Martin’s life. Now he is teaching in Aarhus business academy and he is working about his new book about Android Wear. Recently he gave talk in Berlin.

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Беседа в дайвинг – клубе “Тайфун – Тим”

Благодаря своему хобби мне постоянно везет на людей, которые полны энтузиазма и любви к своему делу.

И недавно мне посчастливилось познакомиться с уникальными и очень интересными людьми – членами дайвинг – клуба «Тайфун – Тим». В Ильичевске около 100 человек увлекаются подводным плаванием, из них около 25 – посещают данный клуб.

За чашечкой ароматного чая они мне рассказали много удивительных историй, связанных с подводным плаванием.

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Interview with a postcard lover from Italy

24848643_m_bf0fea1c2cb0c99ce86245afbe0a83d0Being a member of couchsurfing for a long time, recently I joined a postcard club there. Very quickly it became a passion and I started to send postcards to every corner of the world. In the group I found post from couchsurfer member, who recently started her blog about postcards. I contacted her and she kindly answered my questions by email.

So meet today’s guest, Giuliana, age 23, from Italy.

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