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Odessa artists’ exhibition in Illichivsk

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Last week I visited the local museum in Illichivsk. They presented exhibition of Odessa artists who graduated from Grekovka. The exhibition was dedicated to 150 years of foundation of Grekovka.

What is Grekovka?

Grekovka is a specialized school in the center of Odessa where students study art.

The abduction of Europe

The abduction of Europe

It was founded in 1865. Nowadays it is named by the name of Mitrofan Borisovich Grekov (1882-1934), who was studying at this school.
There are such specializations as sculpture, painting, ceramics, design.
One of my favorite artists Oksana Mas also graduated from this school.

About exhibition

The boarder

The boarder

As I wrote before it was dedicated to 150 years of Grekovka’s foundation.
Exhibition was organised thanks to the help of Odessa collectors Sergej and Galina Kostins, who have paintings of Odessa artists.
In the beginning I thought that exhibition would be full of boring landscaping, but gladly soon I discovered very interesting works.
In this post you can see some of them.



I enjoyed a lot a work of Sergej Lykov “Dream hunters”, later my attention catched work of Sergej Ivchenko “The boarder”. I liked painting of Vadim Palamarchuk “The abduction of Europe”, strong emotions I felt when I saw works of Anastasia Uvarova (unfortunately I couldn’t find exact painting, so add other her works, so you would understand her style).
In general, I liked exhibition and I am proud of Odessa artists who develop their skills. I hope in Ukraine we will start to respect and admire our own artists.
P.S. Do you have a local museum where you like to spend time in search of inspiration? Looking forward for your comments 🙂


Dream hunters

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