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“Matador” musical at Vilhelmsborg festspil

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11800433_930015760402920_5484850376906740350_nSince I started to learn Danish language, I also became curious about Danish culture and Danish tradition. I think when you are immigrant, no matter how you know language, there can be some barriers when you speak with native citizens. They all have common memories about childhood (movies, cartoons, jokes, history lessons etc.), and for foreign person it can be difficult sometimes. For the moment for me it is important to be integrated into Danish society, so I try to discover different things that all Danes know.

And the first thing, my Danish friends advised me to watch, was TV – show “Matador”.

The show was going from 1978 till 1982 and it is still is shown on television.

10999643_932041576867005_1984554673327782629_nThe story is about Mads Skjern who arrives in Korsbæk in 1929. He decides to open clothes shop. He goes to the bank, but its director, Hans Christian Varnæs, refuses to give a loan. For many years they would be enemies.

The episodes tell about life of Korsbæk citizens from 1929 till 1947.

Though for me it was a bit hard to understand everything, I really liked the idea of “Matador” and the play of actors. “Matador” is so famous in Denmark, that they even build Korsbæk museum.

So when I saw ad about musical “Matador”, just 15 km from Aarhus, I knew I have to see it.

And I didn’t regret it.

Vilhelmsborg festspil” is a musical festival, that started its history in 1991 by group of enthusiasts. Every year with help of more than 200 volunteers they organise 2 weeks musical performances.

Last year they showed “Sounds of music” and in 2016 it will be “Hair”.

The location of the festival is very beautiful – among forest with an old castle.

The atmosphere at the festival is also very special, a lot of people come there every year. Everybody looked very happy, especially after performance. “Matador” is a very special for every Dane, so this year a lot of people attended festival.

I really enjoyed the play of the actors (who were also volunteers) and the music with songs. They had nice costumes and in 2 hours performance they could tell the most important stories from original TV – show.11796342_932042640200232_2529505123745587726_n

I think it helped me to understand Danish culture a bit more, and I am waiting for new discoveries.

Next week in Aarhus starts “Festuge”, so I will post some stories about it on my blog.

Have a nice day and keep learning new things!

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