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Australian dream

I was lucky to catch Anders just after his 2 weeks arrival in Aarhus.  He is 28 years old, bachelor of Engineering in Integrated Design, originally from Horsens, Dk.Hammershøi,Malmø

We met in  Waxies for a talk about his journey to Australia. I am dreaming about journey to Australia for years, so it was quite motivated for me to meet person, who made his dream about this country come true.

Anders is devoted to life, he has so much hobbies: sports, scuba diving, skydiving, drawing, hiking. I was glad to have opportunity to talk with such  person.

He lived in South Africa for 6 month for his internship and decided to travel like this to Australia.  He lived in Sydney for 3 month, went  to couchsurfing meetings, language exchange meetings,  found new friends and travelling companions from gumtree.com.au. Then he visited his friend in Melbourne and they went for a  spontaneous trip  to  Victoria’s mountains and to Uluru.

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