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Corona talks 3. Instagram interview with a German artist

Today I want you to present a story from Christian, a hobby artist from Germany.

I chatted with him on instagram and happy he wanted to take part in ”corona talk” for my blog. This article is a ”patchwork” of our conversations during the last day of 2020.

Christian has been interested in art since he was a child. However, it was neither clear to him that he could create such works of art, nor he dreamed of it.

He came back to art creation in April because he wanted to process a breakup.

” Back then, art was an outlet for me.

I just painted my first picture out of that impulsively”.

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The man who saved the world

In local cinema “Øst for paradis” I watched amazing movie.

The man who saved the world” is a story of Stanislav Petrov, who in 1983 didn’t start the Third World War. He was a Soviet officer, who was on his shift, when computer showed several rockets heading from the USA that were going to USSR. He didn’t trust computer and didn’t call to the “tops”. His decision saved our world.

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Aupair stories

sm_iStock_000016296271Small[1]I’ve met a lot of girls, who were working as au pair in different countries. The main goal for girls is to travel and to learn language!
I made little research and I want to share with you different stories and opinion of the girls about this program. The document is in Russian, but if there will be some demand for the story, I will make English translations. 🙂
Have a nice day!

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Exhibition of Odessa artist Vadim Kuchera – Kuts

original1Another thing I did on weekend – was to attend exhibition of Odessa artist Vadim Kuchera – Kuts (1966 – 2013) at Museum of Western and Eastern Art.

Here is translation of museum’s description of the exhibition:

“Vadim’s paintings are stunningly vivid and really live in their surreal truthfulness as colored dreams of a young man in love. Vadim Kuchera-Kuts – successful synthesis of Odessa temperamental beginning (Odessa Art School, workshop of the famous Odessa artist-teacher Pavlyuk) and St. Petersburg artistic forging (Academy of Fine Arts, president of the Academy workshop B. Ugarov ).

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Художник – индиго

x_52598109Еще одна статья сегодня, об удивительном и необычном художнике Leon Asher

Post about Russian – German artist Leon Asher, who also created Kunstflow community

Расскажите немного о себе, где Вы живете.
Родился на Урале, живу под Кёльном, в Германии уже более двадцати лет.
Полюбил природу, пытаюсь понять людей и систему их отношений в обществе, даже защитил докторскую.

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Художница Анна

539624_615734018444197_677120345_nStory about artist Anna from Germany. Art is international, you can visit her facebook page and get inspiration from her painting!

Сегодняшняя история о художнице Анне родом из Украине, в данное время живущей в Германии.

Анна рисует с детства, училась в художественной школе, позже освоила профессию дизайнера промышленных изделий, где среди прочих предметов преподавался курс академического рисунка и живописи. Преподаватели отмечали собственный стиль Анны, но она его особо не развивала в то время. Сейчас Анна пишет картины в разных стилях, она всегда в поиске чего – то нового. Пока живопись не стала основным заработком, но некоторые работы уже проданы.

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