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Sew your city

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Yesterday I attended very interesting event in Aarhus, organized by University International Club (UIC).

We were invited to see an exhibition in local museum. The Museum of Ancient Art and Archaelogy hosted exhibition of local women ‘Sew your city’.

The idea of this exhibition began with meeting of museum employeer, who studied history and owner of the embroidery shop.

They wanted to make something involving with Aarhus theme and also something that would have connection with antique.

The result became a full exhibition that consists of 28 works. All of them are made in different styles.

I will write a bit about some pieces.



Number 1 shows street hatch, old coat of arms, outlines of Aarhus University and State library. Also you can see several owls. It all conects with Greek godess of wisdom Athena. The hatch is symbol for labyrinth and myth about Minotaur.

The number 2, piece with girl of the bycicle was made with sewing machine. The artist made photos in the city and installed them from back side before she sewed it.



The next one, number 3, shows the main train station in Aarhus.

More pictures you can see on their facebook page.

Are there are similar exhibitions in your city?

If yes, feel free to write about it in comments.

Have a nice day!

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