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Corona talks 5. With a jewelry maker from Riga

Today I was talking with Alisa from DALIS Jewelry.

Jewelry in museums

In the last years I’ve been found of beautiful jewelries, especially after living in Belgium and visiting diamond museums, like DIVA.

To tell by truth, in my early 20-ss I didn’t understand obsession with precious stones, until I visited Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (2008), and there was an amazing, but controversial exhibition of a human skull covered by 8,601 flawless diamonds. The artwork was named ” For the love of God” and made by artist Damien Hirst.

I remember it was a several – level security check and huge amount of people waiting in line; but that feeling, coming into totally black room, and the only light pointed to the diamond skull under the glass protection, that made diamonds shine in all colors of rainbow, is something that hunts me after all these years. The realization, that it was once a human being was scary, but at the same time it was unbelievable beautiful and magnificent.

“Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment.” – Peter Singer

Instagram jewelry pages

So no wonder I started to love jewelry, and with the development of social media platforms I started to follow different instagram pages to get inspiration from these shiny things.

One of the pages I followed was Dalis jewelry.

When I started ”corona talks’ project I wrote a pm to hear if they would be interested to talk on zoom with me and tell about their project.

I got a ”yes”, so after some days I was able to talk with Alisa, who makes these jewelries.

One of the earrings I liked on Alisa’s instagram @dalis_jewelry were bright yellow ones from the summer collection.

During our zoom conversation I learned, that Alisa is as sunny and positive, as the jewelry she makes.

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Corona talks 4. Rocklily Wombats

With a great honour I present a story about Dianna and Warwick from Rocklily Wombat rescue center.

Australian dream

When in 6th grade I read a book about Australia, it became my life dream to visit this remote country. I dreamed to see kangaroos, Great Barrier Reef and to stand in front of Uluru and see how it changes colors during the day. Funny enough I moved to Denmark, where Jørn Utzon, the architect of the Sydney opera, came from (I even visited the last building that Utzon designed to know more about this talented man).

Rocklily Wombats

The Danish connection to Australia became even stronger after Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark, married the Australian citizen Mary Donaldson. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, won hearts of many people, created her charity foundation and introduced, among others, an Australian art concept Sculpture by the Sea.


From documentaries about wild life in Australia, I learned about a strange, but cute animal, wombat.

I became curious about this short – legged mammal, tried to see them in Copenhagen zoo (but they were too shy that day), but succeed to ”have a lunch” with them at a local cafe ”Lazy Wombat”.

Fascination became stronger when I got a Rocklily wombat calendar as a gift.

Each month I enjoyed beautiful photos of wombats, their personal stories and learned some fun facts about animals, like few wombats were subjects of ancient aboriginal rock art (4000 – year – old wombat drawing was found in Wollemi National park), they are good diggers and funniest of all: wombat poo is cube – shaped! 🙂


I got my calendar in the end of 2019, and it broke my heart to hear the news about the bushfires. I think many people all around the world prayed for Australia those terrible weeks.

Private photo by Dianna

It’s been a huge nature catastrophe, and it is amazing, that many people volunteered and tried to find ways to help.

But then COVID19 became hot topic on the world arena and our everyday life became so different, that there were no time to think about AU.

Rocklily Wombats

But the more I went through my calendar, the more interested I became about Rocklily Wombats. I discovered that this is a rescue center, and they treat wombats for mange and release them to the wild nature when they are ready.

And the donations they get only from their webshop. I decided to learn a bit more, and looked at their website.

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Santhi Art

Many things happened in my life since my last post, but it doesn’t mean I stopped meeting interesting people in my daily life.

santhiToday I want to present you Santhi Maniam, an artist, an active member of the exhibitions, organised by ”Creative women’s club arhus”, exhibitions at her own gallery in Aarhus, active member of ”Spouse community Aarhus” etc. She was a participant at the exhibitions ”Inspired by Aarhus” in 2016, ”Inspired by nature” in 2017, ”Look closer” in 2018 at ”TedxAarhus”, plus solo exhibitions at her gallery.

  • Tell a bit about yourself, what is your background, and how did you end up in Denmark? 🙂

My name is Santhi Maniam and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My professional background is in Training and Facilitation. I worked as a Training Specialist for many years and in 2009 decided to take a break and travel alone around Europe. That is when I met my husband and after travelling back and forth, we decided to get married and I settled in Denmark in 2011. Continue reading

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Snail artist from Qatar

13662138_1077267409032053_6287435770365962944_oIn this Saturday’s post let me present a talented painter Tatyana.

Tatyana is 36 years old, she is married and has two wonderful sons.

Tatyana graduated an art school, and later from the university, where she studied regions studies. Immediatly after graduation she moved to Egypt, as she always dreamed to live in a warm country near the sea. There she met her future husband. In the beginning they lived in Egypt, later in United Arab Emirates, and now they live in Qatar.

Tatyana feels comfortable in the Middle East. Maybe due to traditional families society, where husband takes full responsibility for his family, where family life is stable and predictable.

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Just plant a tree today

1012203_481619261930452_568279205_nHi everyone, another post in English

It is a story of Imthias Kadeer from United Arab Emirates, person who’s life goal is to plant as many trees as possible.

Imthias is an engineer by profession and he has a few companies in the Middle East that pay for most of his travels and tree planting projects.
“By passion I am a farmer and a photographer. I love to do anything connected with nature, and photography helps me see life a lot closer”

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Художница Анна

539624_615734018444197_677120345_nStory about artist Anna from Germany. Art is international, you can visit her facebook page and get inspiration from her painting!

Сегодняшняя история о художнице Анне родом из Украине, в данное время живущей в Германии.

Анна рисует с детства, училась в художественной школе, позже освоила профессию дизайнера промышленных изделий, где среди прочих предметов преподавался курс академического рисунка и живописи. Преподаватели отмечали собственный стиль Анны, но она его особо не развивала в то время. Сейчас Анна пишет картины в разных стилях, она всегда в поиске чего – то нового. Пока живопись не стала основным заработком, но некоторые работы уже проданы.

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Художница – музыкант из Кельна

mF7DdxTzgZEВ день 8-го марта я бы хотела посвятить эту статью прекрасным Женщинам, очаровательным, обаятельным, эмоциональным и чувствительным. Уверена, что своим присутствием мы делаем мир добрее и ярче. Также отдельное спасибо нашим мужественным мужчинам, которые дарят нам подарки и терпят наши маленькие слабости, и ради которых мы так хотим быть еще лучше. Этот мир удивительный, и надеюсь, мы будем помнить об этом каждый день.

И в этот солнечный день я рада представить Вам историю о Творительнице прекрасного. Она одна из тех, кто умеет вдохновлять людей своим примером. Уверена, что в каждом из нас есть свои способности, которые мы сможем в себе открыть!

Итак, сегодняшняя гостья моего блога – Александра Белая.

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Meeting with mosaics artist in Aarhus

969036_145339838988376_1397878132_nToday’s guest of my blog is Nathalie Boss. She is a talented artist from Aarhus.

We met in her studio in the city center and she told me about her work and life.

Nathalie has a very interesting story to tell. Half – French, half – Israeli, she spend her first 28 years in both countries. From Paris she took the love for the arts and architecture and from Israel her character.

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