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Поэт Дмитрий Воденников

Фотограф – Ольга Паволга

Чтобы написать сегодняшнюю статью мне не понадобилось ни встречаться с этим человеком, ни даже задавать ему вопросы через социальные сети.

Все что мне понадобилось – это рекомендация тех, кто пообщался вживую с интересным человеком.

Поэтому благодарю Ирину за написанное сообщение!

Итак, разрешите Вас познакомить с поэтом, писателем и музыкантом Дмитрием Воденниковым.

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Meeting with poet from Lithuania

17004646_l_90331aeeb9d948df00d5c90c6f39ba8cMy friend Dominik advised me to meet his good friend Agnius for an interview. Recently Agnius participated in Women’s Museum (Kvindemuseet) temporary exhibition. It took part in August – October and the topic was “A world of stories”. Young people from different countries, currently living in Aarhus, presented their life stories in pictures, films and objects.

Agnius is 23 years old, he came from Lithuania. I met him last year on couchsurfing meeting, and I have to say he is not a person whom you like from the first sight.  Agnius is a real artist, he lives in his own world, full of images and inspiration. He likes to meet new people and helps them by hosting via couchsurfing.

And he is a talented person. First he told me about his exhibition. It took several weeks to prepare it, every young person had to organize his own place, and Agnius enjoyed this process. It was totally new experience.

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Mysterious musician from Denmark

During my last interview I met another interesting person. His stage name is Jimmy Biggs, originally he is from the Great Britain, and he moved to Denmark 3 years ago.

I met Jimmy because of “Y poetry club” in Aarhus, where he performed his songs. Also Jimmy is co – host in the club.

I met Jimmy several times, and he is the person who has a lot of different personalities, maybe like all of us. In the poetry club he is open and communicative; during interview he was calm and I had pleasure to hear his remarks with real English humor, but what surprised me the most how Jimmy was modest about his music despite of his obvious talents.

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An angel who accidently became a writer

968963_10151677636134339_1671245886_nI asked Camilla Sydel for an interview after her amazing performance at “Y Poetry Club”.

We met some days afterwards and I was delighted to discover her fantastic personality.

Camilla has a talent from childhood, with her mother, brother and sister they always dressed up and had home theatre, also she was lucky to have good school teachers, one of them told her she had a good fantasy and writing skills. Then as a kid Camilla decided that either she would be a writer or a tennis player. She was not so good in sport, but she managed her other dream come true.

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Poet and artist

janisWhen I was going to “Løve’s Bog og Vin Cafe” to attend an event of ”Y Aarhus Poetry Club” I said to myself that I was just going to enjoy the performance of different poets. But the readings were so interesting and inspiring that I just needed to ask some of the writers for an interview.

The first person I talked to was Janis Lynn Frankø.

Within five minutes of talking with Janis, I already admired her. She is one of few people who is shining from an inside. She was smiling all the time, her eyes were just sparking with happiness and Janis was very honest about her life (an extremely interesting one).

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