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An angel who accidently became a writer

968963_10151677636134339_1671245886_nI asked Camilla Sydel for an interview after her amazing performance at “Y Poetry Club”.

We met some days afterwards and I was delighted to discover her fantastic personality.

Camilla has a talent from childhood, with her mother, brother and sister they always dressed up and had home theatre, also she was lucky to have good school teachers, one of them told her she had a good fantasy and writing skills. Then as a kid Camilla decided that either she would be a writer or a tennis player. She was not so good in sport, but she managed her other dream come true.

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Literature student/ west african music player from Aarhus

I was going to meet Aske mainly because off  his hobby, he wrote on his profile that he plays West Africa music and I was curious what kind of person  he is. To tell the truth, I expected  typical person who’s only passion in the world is music and  nothing else interest him in life. Well, like always, the world said to me not to make illusions and stereotypes  about another person just according to his web page. Because Aske appeared to be fantastic friendly, communicative, funny, one of the most  interesting  persons  I’ve met in Aarhus.  I discovered so much from him  just in one hour.3323_193313025003_364522_n

Aske is 25, he studies comparative literature at university,  that was great unexpected surprise for me. I was looking for his advice what to read from Danish authors, and he suggested one of the famous ones Karen Blixen (her alias is Isak Dinesen), I am looking forward now to read her “Seven gothic tales” and “Out of Africa”.

Also he advised to read works of Søren Kierkegaard, philosopher, poet and religious author. It is 200 years since the day he was born and in Denmark there are a lot of events dedicated to his memory.

The main topic of our conversation was, of course, music. He plays on special African drum called djembe. He got acquainted  with this instrument about 10 years ago on music lesson and since then try to improve his skills playing traditional West African music.

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