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Blogger’s first book

8grulxxjx1iMany articles I dedicated to other people.

But on this special day I want to write about myself.

Why is it day special? Because today I released my first book on amazon. And I would be very grateful, my dear readers, if you will support my project.

A little bit about me. I am Ukrainian, who is living in Denmark.

All my school years I was dreaming about travelling, and when I was 19, I found aupair job in Belgium. That year changed direction of my life. I understood how I enjoyed working with kids, I met many people from all over the world and they showed me the diversity of this planet.

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Snail artist from Qatar

13662138_1077267409032053_6287435770365962944_oIn this Saturday’s post let me present a talented painter Tatyana.

Tatyana is 36 years old, she is married and has two wonderful sons.

Tatyana graduated an art school, and later from the university, where she studied regions studies. Immediatly after graduation she moved to Egypt, as she always dreamed to live in a warm country near the sea. There she met her future husband. In the beginning they lived in Egypt, later in United Arab Emirates, and now they live in Qatar.

Tatyana feels comfortable in the Middle East. Maybe due to traditional families society, where husband takes full responsibility for his family, where family life is stable and predictable.

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Handmade toys by Ksenia

eczwzqbo1hgToday’s guest of the blog is Ksenia, who creates beautiful toys.

Ksenia is from the city Izhevsk (Russia).

Her most bright childhood memories are from the times, when her father helped her and her sister to make different creative things. As when they did a frog from a tree fungus, by adding paper legs and button eyes.

So nobody was surprised when Ksenia decided to study at art school and later at art pedagogical department at the university.

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Художница Ксения Стеценко

На фестивале «Провинция у моря» я познакомилась с замечательной художницей и певицей Ксенией Стеценко.

Ксения начала обучение в инженерно – строительном институте, но позже перешла на обучение в театрально – художественное училище.

На втором курсе, познакомившись с композитором Сергеем Батура, начала свою певческую карьеру. Вдвоем они выступали на различных мероприятиях с концертной программой. Ксения поет романсы, сама пишет музыку и стихи.

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“Android Hobby Programmers” by Martin Knudsen

Last year for an interview I met Martin Knudsen. Eventually we became good friends.

Already at that time he created apps and now I am happy to introduce you his first book about making apps and how to create of them hobby business.

So if you are thinking of creating and selling your apps, this book will be for you!

P.S. I got some updates about Martin’s life. Now he is teaching in Aarhus business academy and he is working about his new book about Android Wear. Recently he gave talk in Berlin.

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Интервью с писательницей

Сегодня рада Вам представить интервью с Александрой Мерщий, писательницей и тренером женских семинаров. Я давно являюсь поклонницей ее творчества, и рада, что сегодня я могу представить ее талант на своем блоге. Уверена, что, познакомившись с ее произведениями, Вы, как и я однажды, почувствуете теплоту и огромную любовь, просто читая написанные ею строки.

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Презентация выставки Одесских художников в музее г. Ильичевска


Совершенно случайно узнала про презентацию выставки в музее изобразительных искусств им. А.М. Белого. Выставка представила работы двух одесских художников – В.В. Лимо и Г.П. Вовка.

После презентации мне удалось пообщаться с обоими художниками.

И мне бы хотелось поделиться полученной информацией с Вами, мои дорогие читатели.

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