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Exhibition of Odessa artist Vadim Kuchera – Kuts

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original1Another thing I did on weekend – was to attend exhibition of Odessa artist Vadim Kuchera – Kuts (1966 – 2013) at Museum of Western and Eastern Art.

Here is translation of museum’s description of the exhibition:

“Vadim’s paintings are stunningly vivid and really live in their surreal truthfulness as colored dreams of a young man in love. Vadim Kuchera-Kuts – successful synthesis of Odessa temperamental beginning (Odessa Art School, workshop of the famous Odessa artist-teacher Pavlyuk) and St. Petersburg artistic forging (Academy of Fine Arts, president of the Academy workshop B. Ugarov ).

After a brilliant defense of the thesis in 1996 – Perspective Nevsky Prospect – Vadim returned to his native Odessa, but soon, he received the invitation of leaving abroad: about a year was working at the House of Arts in Vildenburga near Berlin, and then – was living and working in France. Descendant Golikov – Alexander Borich invited artist to participate in the annual Russian seasons (Lyon), where Odessa master enjoyed the same success, his canvases are amazing, an unusual combination of impressionistic style with an unexpectedly strong, elastic form . Thus, they are almost always correspond exactly to the philosophical and artistic credo formulated by Vadim in his diary: any line, spot, like a stone thrown into a pond. All this – the disturbance, the mobilization of space vision – the perception of action.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Exhibition “Ars longa, vita brevis” – memorial. Here, along with distinctive, instantly recognizable full-length canvas, very interesting to see the chamber, thinking about work, as well as high-end graphic sheets, and here – just what we needed – a judgment of the master himself: Win a handicraft … to the problem of how to represent ousted task as express, and came to the fore creative idea. Particularly piercing look at the exhibition canvas that the master did not have time to finish …

originalPaintings of Vadim Kucera-Kuts are in public museums of Ukraine and abroad, in the famous private collections in Europe and the world, a thesis project – Nevsky prospect – in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, the picture Drummers – in the collection of literary museum of Odessa, the entire collection of paintings – in the meeting A.Boricha (Lyon) and the family of French collectors Peruzzi. Among the most resonant solo exhibitions of previous years it should be noted in the exhibition “Gallery A” (Stockholm); “Russian Seasons” in a French castle, Barbara; “French motives” (Lyon, France); “Window on Deribassovskaya” in Odessa gallery “Amis”; “Translate me through spjpg_8358982_8159884Independence” at the Odessa literature museum, “Dedication Odessa” at Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art; “And He came to the world” at the Museum of Modern Art in Odessa, “Theatre and behind the scenes” at the gallery “White Moon”, “Purification” at the Odessa Art Museum, and a solo exhibition at the Kiev National Museum of Russian Art.”

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