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The man who saved the world

In local cinema “Øst for paradis” I watched amazing movie.

The man who saved the world” is a story of Stanislav Petrov, who in 1983 didn’t start the Third World War. He was a Soviet officer, who was on his shift, when computer showed several rockets heading from the USA that were going to USSR. He didn’t trust computer and didn’t call to the “tops”. His decision saved our world.

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Poet and artist

janisWhen I was going to “Løve’s Bog og Vin Cafe” to attend an event of ”Y Aarhus Poetry Club” I said to myself that I was just going to enjoy the performance of different poets. But the readings were so interesting and inspiring that I just needed to ask some of the writers for an interview.

The first person I talked to was Janis Lynn Frankø.

Within five minutes of talking with Janis, I already admired her. She is one of few people who is shining from an inside. She was smiling all the time, her eyes were just sparking with happiness and Janis was very honest about her life (an extremely interesting one).

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Harley – Davidson admirer, traveller,editor, businessman

Being an active member of couchsurfing.org I have met a lot of interesting people. I think couchsurfing is a very special community, there are so many different people, but they all have one thing in common – love for travelling.  Mostly couchsurfers are open- mind, friendly, helpful, they love people and share their  homes and food.

So when I started my blog and was thinking about  who should I start writing, one of the first ideas was, of course, about people from couchsurfing.

So I began to meet locals in Aarhus to discover their ways of living, dreams, ideas, hobbies, and, of course, about their way of travelling. Since I love to discover other countries and cultures, this is one of my favorite topics to discuss 🙂

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