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Volunteer at an animal shelter

10855015_509129969225942_6312327051627566417_oToday I would like to introduce you Zulfiya, volunteer from an animal schelter.

Zulfiya is 29, she was born in Moscow, graduated an institute of tourism and hospitality, was working at hotels and tourist companies before last year she got married and moved to Aarhus, Denmark.

Living in a new country was difficult in the beginning for Zulfiya, because of new rules, new language, having only husband and no other relatives. But slowly she got new friends and became more familiar to Danish culture.

Zulfiya is interested in photography, astropsychology, jewelry design from natural stones.

But the main activity in her life is a volunteering job.

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Экотерапия в Ильичевске

P1170698Заметка сегодня об ильицевских волонтерах.
С начала года энтузиасты города стали собираться с одной простой целью – очисткой пляжей города от мусора.
Ильичевск – красивый город у моря, куда летом приезжают много туристов. Но и сами жители города любят отдыхать на берегу Черного моря. К сожалению, многие после себя не убирают мусор. И, вот, некоторые сознательные жители решили исправить ситуацию.

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