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Corona talks 4. Rocklily Wombats

With a great honour I present a story about Dianna and Warwick from Rocklily Wombat rescue center.

Australian dream

When in 6th grade I read a book about Australia, it became my life dream to visit this remote country. I dreamed to see kangaroos, Great Barrier Reef and to stand in front of Uluru and see how it changes colors during the day. Funny enough I moved to Denmark, where Jørn Utzon, the architect of the Sydney opera, came from (I even visited the last building that Utzon designed to know more about this talented man).

Rocklily Wombats

The Danish connection to Australia became even stronger after Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark, married the Australian citizen Mary Donaldson. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, won hearts of many people, created her charity foundation and introduced, among others, an Australian art concept Sculpture by the Sea.


From documentaries about wild life in Australia, I learned about a strange, but cute animal, wombat.

I became curious about this short – legged mammal, tried to see them in Copenhagen zoo (but they were too shy that day), but succeed to ”have a lunch” with them at a local cafe ”Lazy Wombat”.

Fascination became stronger when I got a Rocklily wombat calendar as a gift.

Each month I enjoyed beautiful photos of wombats, their personal stories and learned some fun facts about animals, like few wombats were subjects of ancient aboriginal rock art (4000 – year – old wombat drawing was found in Wollemi National park), they are good diggers and funniest of all: wombat poo is cube – shaped! 🙂


I got my calendar in the end of 2019, and it broke my heart to hear the news about the bushfires. I think many people all around the world prayed for Australia those terrible weeks.

Private photo by Dianna

It’s been a huge nature catastrophe, and it is amazing, that many people volunteered and tried to find ways to help.

But then COVID19 became hot topic on the world arena and our everyday life became so different, that there were no time to think about AU.

Rocklily Wombats

But the more I went through my calendar, the more interested I became about Rocklily Wombats. I discovered that this is a rescue center, and they treat wombats for mange and release them to the wild nature when they are ready.

And the donations they get only from their webshop. I decided to learn a bit more, and looked at their website.

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Volunteer at an animal shelter

10855015_509129969225942_6312327051627566417_oToday I would like to introduce you Zulfiya, volunteer from an animal schelter.

Zulfiya is 29, she was born in Moscow, graduated an institute of tourism and hospitality, was working at hotels and tourist companies before last year she got married and moved to Aarhus, Denmark.

Living in a new country was difficult in the beginning for Zulfiya, because of new rules, new language, having only husband and no other relatives. But slowly she got new friends and became more familiar to Danish culture.

Zulfiya is interested in photography, astropsychology, jewelry design from natural stones.

But the main activity in her life is a volunteering job.

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Jewelry designer from Georgia

13719570_1749163831962239_757570599819800672_oAfter I got the idea to organise a creative exhibition and started to promote it on facebook, I met a great number of talented artists and designers.

About one person will be today’s article.

Let me introduce Victoria Rudenko, Ukrainian who is living in Georgia (Republic), an artwood jewelry designer.

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Visiting Fanø island in Denmark

Hello, my dear reader, it’s been awhile when I wrote post on my blog. Now I am visiting Denmark and had a lot of things to do here.
In today’s post I want to write about incredible festival I visited on Fanø island. Continue reading

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Bart the Bear

1469771Last week I watched movie “The Edge” with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. The movie was about survival in wild nature. It is really worth to watch.
But what caught my attention was the gratitude of film makers to Bart the Bear and his trainer Doug Seus. I looked for information and with it I decided to share with you, readers of my blog.

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Bushmen and baboons in one post

10937629_407179206114044_113824718_nNext guest of the blog is Rudolph. I met him on facebook group ”Friends without borders – international friendship”. Somehow his post catched my attention immidiately, and after my request he kindly agreed to tell his life story.10945404_407178262780805_1672173067_n

Rudolp is 48 years old and he was born and raised in South Africa, the country that is known for its rich ethnic and cultural diversity!

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