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Corona talks 2. Interview with an UX designer

Another guest of my ”corona” project is Brigitta, yet another member of ”Creative women’s club”.

Brigitta comes from Romania, she graduated at Business Academy in Aarhus, and after a year of looking for a job, she joined the team at ”Grundfos” as a consultant to build design systems.

Sgraffito Workshop

Actually, because of design she moved to Jutland 6 years ago. She wanted to study Multimedia design, but since such faculty didn’t even exist in her home country, she looked for other universities in Europe. The one in Aarhus sounded most exited. Business Academy (where Brigitta applied) offered 2-years program, where one can work with digital design, content production, user experience design, frontend development and frontend design.

When Brigitta got accepted and moved Scandinavia, she experienced a great cultural shock. For example, it was a new way to cooperate in teams, that one can have own opinion and disagree with professors, and there is no need in memorizing long texts.

Thanks to her hardworking skills, Brigitta got a job at the project and started her own design company. → →

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Corona talks 1. Interview with a creative engineer

Hello dear readers, I am happy to present some short stories about interesting people in Aarhus.

It was some time I wrote last article here on the blog. Life was busy with full – time job, ”Creative women’s club Aarhus” and family life.

But COVID -19 gave me a great opportunity to take online – interviews from some interesting people in the area.

Today’s guest is Magdalena.

Magdalena comes from Croatia, she moved to Denmark to study software engineering in Horsens in 2014. 2 years ago she graduated and got a job at ”Systematic”, which she changed to an opening position at start up company in Aarhus.

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“My Danish baby blog”, meeting with author

11224588_1626313984315479_7577733243064880378_oThis month is very active for me for new interesting meetings. And today I am delight to present you a story about Daniela, with who I met at DOKK-1. Daniela has her blog about parenthood in Denmark.

Daniela is from Colombia. In 2013 she came to Denmark to start her master’s in journalism. The very first day she met a Dane, who now is her husband (actually, he is half – Italian, half – Swedish, born in Denmark). He studied cryptography and security at university.

After they got married, they discovered happy news, that they would become parents.

And then Daniela started to have total new experience for herself – being a mother at foreign country.

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Aupair stories

sm_iStock_000016296271Small[1]I’ve met a lot of girls, who were working as au pair in different countries. The main goal for girls is to travel and to learn language!
I made little research and I want to share with you different stories and opinion of the girls about this program. The document is in Russian, but if there will be some demand for the story, I will make English translations. 🙂
Have a nice day!

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Художница – музыкант из Кельна

mF7DdxTzgZEВ день 8-го марта я бы хотела посвятить эту статью прекрасным Женщинам, очаровательным, обаятельным, эмоциональным и чувствительным. Уверена, что своим присутствием мы делаем мир добрее и ярче. Также отдельное спасибо нашим мужественным мужчинам, которые дарят нам подарки и терпят наши маленькие слабости, и ради которых мы так хотим быть еще лучше. Этот мир удивительный, и надеюсь, мы будем помнить об этом каждый день.

И в этот солнечный день я рада представить Вам историю о Творительнице прекрасного. Она одна из тех, кто умеет вдохновлять людей своим примером. Уверена, что в каждом из нас есть свои способности, которые мы сможем в себе открыть!

Итак, сегодняшняя гостья моего блога – Александра Белая.

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