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Tour to Aarhus Natural museum by taxidermist from Belgium

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast Saturday I was invited for a tour to the Natural History museum in Aarhus. One of my friends Dominik invited me and other friends to museum. He was working there for several years and organizes such tours from time to time for his friends.

Dominik Speleman is one of the strangest people I have ever met. We met by accident several months ago through common friends. The minute he told me a bit about himself I understood we will be friends. He is Belgian (after one year living in Belgium I have secret love to all citizens), he visited and fell in love with Odessa, and he had 2 kg of chocolate candies and he shared them with all of us. So I didn’t have any choice but just to like this guy.

In several days I met him at Trøjborg Beboerhus (one of the culture centers in Aarhus, people have fruits and vegetables by charity from local market and once a week they gather and cook together). By this time I discovered about his occupation, Dominik works as a taxidermist.

First I didn’t understand what exact type of profession is this, but then he explained. Well, do you remember when you were a child and you have visited with grandparents some natural museum and you were excited to see all those animals, dead but in real size, so Dominik is the person who actually does these scarecrows. Phew! And one of his hobbies is to collect insects and to keep them at his place. I think if I knew it before I would never see this weird guy again, but chocolates were eating and he is very funny person.

I didn’t see Dominik often, he was very busy, he went for 3 weeks to the USA to take part in one week taxidermists’ competition and to travel. There were 3000 people who attended World Taxidermy and Fish Carving Championships. In taxidermy there were 16 categories to compete and Dominik won 2 subcategories: “Skeletons” and “Avian challenge”.

During the 2,5 hour tour in museum he told us a bit about his trip. The museum was quite interesting even though I don’t like such places, there are creepy for me, all the animal that died and now you are just watching them. But Dominik told us a lot about collection and some specific animals and birds, he showed some of his works, so I was glad I could join my friends for this day.

Soon Dominik will organize his summer beach parties, so looking forward to join them!

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