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Discovery of slavic culture


Русская версия внизу

Today I want to write about my classmate Ksenia. After graduation of high school I didn’t see Ksenia several years, and after meeting each other some time ago I was amused to see how Ksenia changed. Continue reading

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Художник – индиго

x_52598109Еще одна статья сегодня, об удивительном и необычном художнике Leon Asher

Post about Russian – German artist Leon Asher, who also created Kunstflow community

Расскажите немного о себе, где Вы живете.
Родился на Урале, живу под Кёльном, в Германии уже более двадцати лет.
Полюбил природу, пытаюсь понять людей и систему их отношений в обществе, даже защитил докторскую.

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Story about spiritual journey

Today’s hero of my blog is another couchsurfer, Mattias Friis. He is 25, he has bachelor’s  degree in medieval  archeology, he was working in excavations in Ribe and Odense, but he doen’t look at all like boring scientist.

His life is a journey to find himself.

In high school he was very good in cycling, and he was hoping to be professional, but he had accident and it turned  his life to totally different direction.  Now  he thinks it happened for the best, but for some years  he was in confusion about his life, Mattias didn’t know what he wanted from his life.

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