Blog about interesting people and events around

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Categories – mainly categories shows what guests of my blog do (like art, business), or where do they live (I interviewed a lot of people from Ukraine and Denmark, so I created extra category for these countries).
Posts – my post are the stories of normal people, who are our colleagues, neighbours, friends. But sometimes we are so busy with our own lives, that we don’t have time to see other peoples’ talents. By my posts I try to inspire you to meet other people and to develop your own talents. I hope we are all becoming better versions of ourselves!
Tags – show general words about the guest of the article.
People – I love meeting new people. And I get inspiration after my interviews. I hope you will part of it as well! I write about people I meet in real life, but also I found interesting people by internet.
Countries – Mostly I meet people at the places I live. For the moment I lived in Denmark and Ukraine. But internet gives a lot of opportunities to connect with people far away from me. I’ ve interviewed people from Russia, Algeria, South Africa, Netherlands, Spain etc. My dream is to interview a person from every country in the world!
Business – I adore business people! I think this category of men and women know how to spend wisely their time, they know what they want, they try to be better each day, and they kow how to communicate with people! I think no matter of what profession you have business skills are nessesary in modern life.
Productions – I think it is great when person can produce something with his own hands and see results. I’ve met people who have small hand – made production and who sell thouthand of pieces abroad. It is challenging and sometimes difficult, but they learned me not to be afraid of difficulties in the life, and to receive results from the job you love.
Do you have your own unique story to tell about your business, hobby or passion? Are you painter, traveller, doctor or just a student, who has ideas about changing the world? Then share your story with me, and I will write about you to the whole world!
Write me in the comments, and I will send you my contacts!!!
Have a great day, my dear reader!



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