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Corona talks 7. An optimistic doll maker

These past weeks I think I’ve been more productive with my hobbies, than in the whole 2020.

I am really enjoying ”corona talks” with fantastic people from all around globe.

I started to know people behind instagram pages, and I feel grateful both for their time and trust, when they let me in their inner world.

I followed Elena’s page for some time now, and I got inspired by the beautiful toys she was making.

Elena is a person with an inner light, that makes world better. We talked for almost 2 hours. I have almost forgotten about the world pandemic, so exiting was the interview with this talented person.

It took me a time to write this article. It is a hard challenge to describe Elena’s inner world with my simple words. But hope you will get the impression about this versatile woman.

I got an exclusive online tour in Elena workshop, she showed me her working room, paintings, hanging there, and the inspirational items.

Elena lives near Ekaterinburg, and she was creative for all her life, graduated from a collage with a degree as a technologist in sewing.

She was working in the profession till retirement.

Previous jobs

One of the jobs she has was to design and sew gymnastic costumes.

When she told me how she started her little business, it seems to me there were many small steps to her current life.

It started with the dress. In Elena family they have a folk dress, that was transferred from generation to generation. Elena’s mother got it from her great grand – mother. The dress was even buried, when Germans occupied Orlov region in the Soviet Union during Second World War.

She treasures the dress and it waked her interest to the traditional folk dresses in general. In one of her visits to Moscow Elena attended an exhibition dedicated to these dresses.

It inspired her to sew dolls in Russian dresses.

After she retired, there was more free time to dive into the doll making.

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“Three ants” publishing house in Odess

English version below.

19316_680957718717796_8229997708568665302_nНедавно встретилась с очень интересными и необычными девушками, сестрами Екатериной и Светланой, основателями издательства “Три муравья“. В прошлом году девушки напечатали свою первую книгу “Книжка для тех, кто любит дни рождения”. Работа над книгой заняла полгода, к ней они привлекли одесских художников. На этом Светлана и Екатерина не остановились, они издали еще две детские книжки: “Книжка для всех, кто любит спорт” и “Головные уборы”. Также в ближайших планах издание еще двух книг этим летом.

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На пути к совершенству

Я рада, что мне постоянно встречаются замечательные люди. Вчера у меня произошла очень теплая встреча с 2 потрясающими девушками.

Ксению и Ольгу я знаю давно через общих знакомых, но так близко мы пообщались в первый раз.

Ольга – в данный момент работает бухгалтером, ведет курсы 1С. Увлекается велоспортом, сальсой, йогой, является специалистом по астрологии.

Ксения – дизайнер интерьеров и мебели, в свободное время – волонтер социальной организации по работе с детьми (организация досуга детей в возрасте 13-18 лет). Также увлекается сальсой.

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Интервью с писательницей

Сегодня рада Вам представить интервью с Александрой Мерщий, писательницей и тренером женских семинаров. Я давно являюсь поклонницей ее творчества, и рада, что сегодня я могу представить ее талант на своем блоге. Уверена, что, познакомившись с ее произведениями, Вы, как и я однажды, почувствуете теплоту и огромную любовь, просто читая написанные ею строки.

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Meeting with a positive artist from Aarhus

helleOne day I took a walk to Risskov forest that situated on the seaside, it was a sunny day, and afterwards I went to a nice café “Rohdes” someone told me about it. Enjoying delicious sandwich I noticed very nice paintings on the walls. There were bright, colorful, with smiling faces and created very cozy atmosphere at the café. There were artists’ business cards, and I took one of them. I contacted Helle Christensen and we agreed to meet for an interview.

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Meeting with mosaics artist in Aarhus

969036_145339838988376_1397878132_nToday’s guest of my blog is Nathalie Boss. She is a talented artist from Aarhus.

We met in her studio in the city center and she told me about her work and life.

Nathalie has a very interesting story to tell. Half – French, half – Israeli, she spend her first 28 years in both countries. From Paris she took the love for the arts and architecture and from Israel her character.

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Old struggles, new ideas of Danish journalism professor

07be22f562On a rainy day in Aarhus I met a sunny person for an interview. And it made my day. Line Hassall Thomsen is just an incredible person, she was extremely open and friendly during all our meeting.

I met Line just one week after her successful PhD defense. The topic was “New Struggles, Old ideas, the everyday struggle towards being a “Good journalist” inside public service TV newsrooms in the UK and Denmark” (if you understand Danish here is the link of her interview).

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Internet Twitter researcher and his Socio Media Project in Denmark

jespertaekkew120People I meet for my blog are just extraordinary, so every time I am very grateful that despite of their busy schedules they agreed to meet with me.

My next interview was with Jesper Tække, he found just half an hour for meeting with me, but I discovered so much from him. And today I want to share this interesting information with you.

Jesper is an associate professor at Aarhus University, from 2003 when he started his PhD, he studied media studies. Jesper is an internet researcher.

He is a very clever person, he wrote a book in 2008 about Niklas Luhmann with his colleague Michael Eric Paulsen, it called “Luhmann og organisation”. I was interested to know about Luhmann and tried to read his ideas, but it was too difficult for me to understand. So I was relieved when Jesper suggested to talk about his school project.

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Researcher in musical analysis at Aarhus hospital

niels_christian_hansen_3_beskaerToday’s guest of my blog is Niels Christian Hansen. He is a PhD student at Department of Aesthetics and Communication at Aarhus University.

I contact Niels because I wanted to hear more about his interesting musical analysis studies.

Niels has always been a talented musician, so he was very happy when he got accepted to Music Conservatory in Aarhus to study classical piano, but during his studies he understood that he doesn’t want to be a musical teacher. So after bachelor’s he started to study more music theory, and also he got second master’s called “MSc in Music, Mind and Brain” in London at Goldsmiths University. Niels was interested to combine musical psychology and brain studies.

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