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Multicultural artist from Chile

13015385_10208072196716415_7966703809630374409_nIn this late evening post I want to share with you a story of Olga Tretyak, a multicultural artist.

Olga was born and raised in Azerbaijan, in the beautiful Baku.

She got two educations there. First one, geology, was suggested by her mother, who was working in oil industry. And the second was choisen by heart. Olga graduated second time with interior designer diploma.

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Graphic artist from Antalya

14171836_10206858444799505_627122435_nToday let me present a talented artist Alina Temur, who is best known under her art pseudonyms AlyLen (Design) and Alina_TEM. First she uses for visual art and design and second for fashion illustrations. As she explains, she want to devide her interests and give every art ‘child’ its own name.

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Jewelry designer from Georgia

13719570_1749163831962239_757570599819800672_oAfter I got the idea to organise a creative exhibition and started to promote it on facebook, I met a great number of talented artists and designers.

About one person will be today’s article.

Let me introduce Victoria Rudenko, Ukrainian who is living in Georgia (Republic), an artwood jewelry designer.

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Game night in Aarhus, creativity meeting and guide at Aarhus institute


Tal R

In my struggles with Danish language recently I didn‘t write any posts, but today is the day! I really missed writing for my blog.

Yesterday I had great and interesting day in Aarhus and I am looking forward to share the story with you, my dear readers.

My day started at Hasle culture house. In the area there live a lot of pensioners and people with small incomes, so at library they opened culture house. They have different initiatives, like creative shop, where one can bring their hand – made and sell it (there are pieces from Somalia, Romania, most are from Denmark). Since I like hand made, visiting this shop gives me inspiration (one woman does painting on stones, another makes braceletes from tooth brushes). Also at the culture house they have lessons for pregnant women, glass making, bord tennis and cafe with lunches and cakes (run by volunteers, so the prices are very small).

The event I attended was creative meetings, mostly pensioners come there, so for me it was great opportunity to practise my Danish. I really like pensioners here in Denmark, they have very social life and lots of hobbies. One can argue that they have good pensions so they can afford it. Well, it can be true, but also I think it is in the culture. People here do a lot of volunteer works, and no matter how ill they can be in an old age, they go to different social events.

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Oksana Mas’ exhibition

7qVM5BJp2uYToday in my home city, Illichivsk, was celebration of the Day of the City. In the city there were a lot of people, commune organised a lot of events for kids and grow – ups, the city got new spring look and installed several new art works.
In local museum there was organised exhibition of Oksana Mas‘ works.
Oksana is, maybe, the most famous Ukrainian artists in the world nowadays. She became famous after participation in Venice Biennale in 2011.

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Художница Ксения Стеценко

На фестивале «Провинция у моря» я познакомилась с замечательной художницей и певицей Ксенией Стеценко.

Ксения начала обучение в инженерно – строительном институте, но позже перешла на обучение в театрально – художественное училище.

На втором курсе, познакомившись с композитором Сергеем Батура, начала свою певческую карьеру. Вдвоем они выступали на различных мероприятиях с концертной программой. Ксения поет романсы, сама пишет музыку и стихи.

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Танец живота от художницы

Сегодня мне удалось побывать в гостях у очаровательной художницы Аллы. Встреча прошла в очень уютной атмосфере.

Как рассказала Алла, 7 лет назад, когда ее дети выросли, и появилось много свободного времени, она захотела открыть в себе новые таланты.

Алла всегда любила сказки о феях (особенно ей запомнилась старый кинофильм о Золушке, с красивой волшебницей, взмахом волшебной палочки, исполнившей все желания), и в последствии решила и самой стать феей и создавать красоту вокруг себя.

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Художница – режиссер

Сегодня рада представить Вашему вниманию историю начинающей художницы Дианы.

Диане 21 год, она заканчивает в этом году университет им. И.И. Мечникова (специальность менеджмент организации).

Свое свободное время она посвящает творчеству. Диану всегда интересовала актерская деятельность – она посещала театральные кружки, участвовала в школьных спектаклях; сейчас она осваивает видео – съемку. Она сняла уже 4 короткометражки.

Также девушка находит время на живопись.

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