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The man who saved the world

In local cinema “Øst for paradis” I watched amazing movie.

The man who saved the world” is a story of Stanislav Petrov, who in 1983 didn’t start the Third World War. He was a Soviet officer, who was on his shift, when computer showed several rockets heading from the USA that were going to USSR. He didn’t trust computer and didn’t call to the “tops”. His decision saved our world.

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Bart the Bear

1469771Last week I watched movie “The Edge” with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. The movie was about survival in wild nature. It is really worth to watch.
But what caught my attention was the gratitude of film makers to Bart the Bear and his trainer Doug Seus. I looked for information and with it I decided to share with you, readers of my blog.

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About “Visualize You” company from Aarhus

As you could notice of my blog, I write a lot about people who live in Aarhus. And the reason is very simple – Aarhus is amazing city with fantastic people, who inspire me after each meeting.

Today’s story is about Rasmus and Kenny, students who recently started their own business.

10285791_887482751304041_4346483491594723823_oRasmus just got his bachelor’s in media studies, and Kenny is on his 4th semester at multimedia design.

They met last year at social club, Kenny worked there as a bartender, and Rasmus was a manager.

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Художница – режиссер

Сегодня рада представить Вашему вниманию историю начинающей художницы Дианы.

Диане 21 год, она заканчивает в этом году университет им. И.И. Мечникова (специальность менеджмент организации).

Свое свободное время она посвящает творчеству. Диану всегда интересовала актерская деятельность – она посещала театральные кружки, участвовала в школьных спектаклях; сейчас она осваивает видео – съемку. Она сняла уже 4 короткометражки.

Также девушка находит время на живопись.

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Художник Стас Щевцов

NB1PEiNVHDwThis post starts my Russian posts.

In the beginning I will write shortly in English. But anyway you alway can enjoy photos))

My new posts will be about talanted Russian and Ukrainian artists.

My first guest is Stas Shevtsov from Saint – PetersburgSWy5HCGJ8Ws

Я уверена, что художники своими картинами могут менять мир к лучшему, могут его преображать и вдохновлять людей на жизненные перемены.

Я связалась с несколькими замечательными художниками из России и Украины. Рада Вам представить новый цикл статей.

Последующие статьи будут посвящены этим творцам реальности, в каждой из них художник расскажет свою историю.

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Small talk about TV- serials

Jakob-I-NielsenThanks to Folkeuniversitetet English lectures I had a chance to attend an interesting class with the topic “A golden age of Danish cinema?”. Afterwards I asked the lecturer if it would be possible to meet with him for an interview. He kindly agreed and today I have the pleasure of introducing you an associate professor of Aarhus University, Jakob Isak Nielsen.

We met at his office and the first thing I noticed was infinite account of DVDs and even videotapes. Also on the walls were posters from Aarhus film clubs.

Jakob is a person who’s passion is cinema and about his passion he can talk for hours. Unfortunately, we didn’t have so much time, but even in half an hour I discovered a lot about Jakob’s work.

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Meeting with film production assistant

1b53b98I think most of you went to some language classes. While my living in Denmark I decided to attend language school. My group is a very nice, but we have evening classes and all of the students have jobs, so we don’t have enough time to socialise and get each other better. About my classmates I know some basic information where they work, names, countries they came from. But we communicate on the breaks or while doing some language exercices, but anyway is not enough to really get know a person.

During one of such exercises I was sitting near one girl, who wanted to change groups to study Danish a bit faster. We talk a bit, and then she told me she got an internship in a film company.

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What does a Producer Do?

942491_545065375539948_547289861_nThanks to Stoyan’s invitation I had opportunity to attend extremely interesting workshop “What does a Producer Do?”  with  Danish producer Troels Faber. This event was organized by Aarhus Short film Challenge festival that takes place now in Aarhus. Troels also presented his video ”Beast” that won a lot of international film awards.

I hope this post will be interesting for film- lovers.

So here are some notes from Troels’ presentation.

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Short fim challenge in Aarhus

It was one of those interviews when I discovered a lot not only about another person, but about myself as well. I was advised to interview Stoyan Yankov, I contact him and we agreed to meet the next day.942491_545065375539948_547289861_n

Stoayn is from Bulgaria and 3 years ago he decided to move to Denmark to study at Aarhus university, he graduated this year. As he told me knowing finances helps him in film industry.

He has always had a passion for cinema world. A few years ago he started like an actor but in some time felt more comfortable behind the camera. he started to produce and to direct short movies. He began to meet people with the same interests, they took part in Aarhus festuge competition and won 2nd place (you can see the video by this link https://vimeo.com/49068167 ) and at MOFIL International Contest they took 5th place (http://mofilm.com/p/340aa3), also they won prize for best adapted screenplay at Jameson Empire Awards in 2013.

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