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Blogger’s first book

8grulxxjx1iMany articles I dedicated to other people.

But on this special day I want to write about myself.

Why is it day special? Because today I released my first book on amazon. And I would be very grateful, my dear readers, if you will support my project.

A little bit about me. I am Ukrainian, who is living in Denmark.

All my school years I was dreaming about travelling, and when I was 19, I found aupair job in Belgium. That year changed direction of my life. I understood how I enjoyed working with kids, I met many people from all over the world and they showed me the diversity of this planet.

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“My Danish baby blog”, meeting with author

11224588_1626313984315479_7577733243064880378_oThis month is very active for me for new interesting meetings. And today I am delight to present you a story about Daniela, with who I met at DOKK-1. Daniela has her blog about parenthood in Denmark.

Daniela is from Colombia. In 2013 she came to Denmark to start her master’s in journalism. The very first day she met a Dane, who now is her husband (actually, he is half – Italian, half – Swedish, born in Denmark). He studied cryptography and security at university.

After they got married, they discovered happy news, that they would become parents.

And then Daniela started to have total new experience for herself – being a mother at foreign country.

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How to become image – maker and personal stylist

kZM-kQmntfYToday I want to share with you story about beautiful and talented girl from Odessa, image – marker Marina.

I hope her story will help you to believe in yourself and start some new project of your life.

From childhood Marina had passion for languages, books, fashion and all beautiful things around her. So when she grew up she decided to study international economic relationships.

Why did I choose this education? Because I was curious how the world is, why some countries are rich,and others – poor. I wanted to discover different cultures and to learn new languages”.

After graduation Marina started to work at international logistic company. colleagues were nice, salary was very good, but after several years she understood that this job is not enough…

Marina wanted something more in her life. I think we all feel this from time to time, but how many people do listen to their heart and feelings?

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Story about business of Toy factory in Ukraine

belij-medved-400x400Today had an interesting meeting with Aleksander, a manager of toy factory “Alina” in my city.
Aleksander told me the factory’s history and his projects.
As it appears the factory moved to Illichivsk last year Originally they were working from 2001 in Donetsk, but when in the city started war, they moved their production.
Now they are located in my city and try not only to survive but to develop their production. Continue reading

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Jewellery designer from Denmark

189235-72ded4e7cf9344e3b578dce69646d016Today I have a special guest for you. Her name is Marika, owner of “ByMarika” brand.

And she was extremely kind to tell her life story to readers of the blog.

For many years Marika didn’t know what career she wanted to make for herself. But she always knew that she wanted to create her own life. After finishing Market economist she ended up at the online shop department at “Vila” which is a subbrand to the big Danish clothing company “Bestseller”. She worked her way up to department manager in two years, and after one year as a manager she decided that it was time for her to make a move if she ever wanted to do what she had always dreamed of.

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Один год свободы

Маленький пост о моем соотечественнике.
Дмитрий по профессии – программист, работал сначала в Ильичевске, потом переехал жить в Москву и Санкт – Петербург.
После одного из турслетов, где путешественники делились своими приключениями, решил также путешествовать по миру.

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Художница – режиссер

Сегодня рада представить Вашему вниманию историю начинающей художницы Дианы.

Диане 21 год, она заканчивает в этом году университет им. И.И. Мечникова (специальность менеджмент организации).

Свое свободное время она посвящает творчеству. Диану всегда интересовала актерская деятельность – она посещала театральные кружки, участвовала в школьных спектаклях; сейчас она осваивает видео – съемку. Она сняла уже 4 короткометражки.

Также девушка находит время на живопись.

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