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To be happy at foreign country

11866490_10205634350232637_4913902510680936128_nOften when I meet immigrants, they start to complain about their present life at a foreign country, how different new culture is and how they miss their homes. It makes me sad to hear this, because I think if you made decision to live at a foreign country, you need to do everything possible to understand it and to be happy.

That‘s why meeting with such person as Michelle is a life present to me. As it appeared, it wasn’t the first time Michelle gave interview, she was telling her life story before.

Michelle is a positive and active person and she shows that an immigrant can find happiness in a new country.

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Сладкая встреча с кондитером

В этот воскресный день у меня произошло несколько интересных встреч, одна из которых – встреча с кондитером Юлией.

Надеюсь, что Юлин пример вдохновит Вас на новые свершения.

Юлии 26 лет, закончив университет по специальности «менеджмент организации» она долго не могла найти свое призвание, сменила несколько работ.

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Meeting with poet from Lithuania

17004646_l_90331aeeb9d948df00d5c90c6f39ba8cMy friend Dominik advised me to meet his good friend Agnius for an interview. Recently Agnius participated in Women’s Museum (Kvindemuseet) temporary exhibition. It took part in August – October and the topic was “A world of stories”. Young people from different countries, currently living in Aarhus, presented their life stories in pictures, films and objects.

Agnius is 23 years old, he came from Lithuania. I met him last year on couchsurfing meeting, and I have to say he is not a person whom you like from the first sight.  Agnius is a real artist, he lives in his own world, full of images and inspiration. He likes to meet new people and helps them by hosting via couchsurfing.

And he is a talented person. First he told me about his exhibition. It took several weeks to prepare it, every young person had to organize his own place, and Agnius enjoyed this process. It was totally new experience.

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Delicious Belgian desserts and a story from Niels

6131327_l_b0371da68b55b0710d935b2d76e93517Niels is another nice Belgian I met in Aarhus. Open about his life, friendly, a bit serious, very interesting, this is how I discovered Niels like a person. “Happiness is everywhere you just have to recognize it!” – one of his most favorite quotes .

Niels is 25 years old, first he came to Denmark during his studies (he studied coal industry engineering) 3 years ago,  he met here a nice girl Deni from Bulgaria, and they began to date, even when Niels received job and for a year worked in Switzerland, they didn’t stop seeing each other.

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