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Meeting with Løve’s Vin – og Bog café – owner

309354_656_700_0_0_0_0One of my last interviews I did this year was with Kenny Jess Brand. He is an owner of “Løve’s Vin – og Bog café”, where I often go to meet with friends and for Y poetry evenings. I never thought of taking interview from the owner of this café, until one day by accident I met Kenny on the book market. He was reading a book, totally alone, and for me it was the perfect chance to ask for a meeting.

Kenny is 33 years old, and he doesn’t look like serious businessman at all in his casual everyday clothes. We agreed to meet at his book shop, where he told me how he started his business.

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An angel who accidently became a writer

968963_10151677636134339_1671245886_nI asked Camilla Sydel for an interview after her amazing performance at “Y Poetry Club”.

We met some days afterwards and I was delighted to discover her fantastic personality.

Camilla has a talent from childhood, with her mother, brother and sister they always dressed up and had home theatre, also she was lucky to have good school teachers, one of them told her she had a good fantasy and writing skills. Then as a kid Camilla decided that either she would be a writer or a tennis player. She was not so good in sport, but she managed her other dream come true.

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IT-consultant and traveller

Usually I try not to be late for my interviews, sometimes it happened, but this time I had good excuse, in Aarhus there are 50% sales, so I just couldn’t pass some shops. Luckily, my interviewee was late himself, so I didn’t feel embarrassed. We went to the nearest cafe and had a nice talk.

This time I met with Jacob, he is 32 years old. Originally he is from Odder, studied in Aarhus at business school. And he is living in Copenhagen for the moment; he has been working for a half a year in IT- consulting company. I heard about differences between Aarhus and Copenhagen citizens, so I ask how was the life for Jacob in the capital.

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