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Designer of handbags and future writer

13925631_1114926628568257_3092809729178924031_oToday I want to present you story by Elena. She struggled in her life, but her optimism and hope helped her to achieve new goals and dreams.

Good day everyone, my name is Elena. I am 35 years old. I am married for 18 years and I have a 13 years old son. My men are my team.

Now we live in the USA, where we came 3 months ago.

We love warm and sunny Florida, where summer, ocean and smiling people are all year around.

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Aarhus Explorers

urbancodeLiving in another country can be struggling, but also it gives a lot of interesting meetings and surprises.

Several weeks ago at meeting at a museum I met Joanna. We talked and it appeared that she has her own company.

I met her and her business partner for an interview and I am looking forward to share their story.

Joanna came to Denmark from Poland 4 years ago, she is married to a Dane. In Poland Joanna was an English teacher.

Her partner, Jandira, is from Guatemala. She has been married with a Dane for 23 years. Before they lived in Mexico, Venezuela, where she worked in an export industry. In total she has been living in Denmark for 7 years.

As most of the internationals, the women had the same problems: integration into the Danish society, learning the language, inability to use their educations in potentional jobs.

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Chess tournament in Leiden

leidenchess_news_logoThis July I visited Leiden and by accident attend international tournament there. I discovered that for some people chess can be a real job, and for others just a nice way of travelling, experiencing new places with combination of their favorite hobbies. Here I want to share with you some of the things I discovered in Leiden.

For me it was a new experience in attending such big international events.

Where is Leiden?

Leiden is situated in South Holland, around 40 km from Amsterdam. There is the oldest Dutch university in Leiden, the oldest botanic garden in Holland. History of the city can be tracked to Roman times, Leiden got its city rights in 1266.

In general, it is small, cozy city. I adored its channels and bridges.

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Visiting Fanø island in Denmark

Hello, my dear reader, it’s been awhile when I wrote post on my blog. Now I am visiting Denmark and had a lot of things to do here.
In today’s post I want to write about incredible festival I visited on Fanø island. Continue reading

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Aupair stories

sm_iStock_000016296271Small[1]I’ve met a lot of girls, who were working as au pair in different countries. The main goal for girls is to travel and to learn language!
I made little research and I want to share with you different stories and opinion of the girls about this program. The document is in Russian, but if there will be some demand for the story, I will make English translations. 🙂
Have a nice day!

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Один год свободы

Маленький пост о моем соотечественнике.
Дмитрий по профессии – программист, работал сначала в Ильичевске, потом переехал жить в Москву и Санкт – Петербург.
После одного из турслетов, где путешественники делились своими приключениями, решил также путешествовать по миру.

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“Чудеса Света”

rO5l5VXLIvEДанная статья получилась немного рекламной, но, когда встречаешься с интересными людьми, очень часто они презентуют не только себя, но и оказанные им услуги.

Это история девушки, которая услышала свою интуицию и в нужный момент сделала правильный шаг.

31Ирина представляет собой ту редкую сегодня категорию людей, которые после окончания школы знают, чего они хотят. Закончив ОГЭУ, специальность «Туризм», Ирина еще с четвертого курса начала работать в сфере туризма.

В первые месяцы работы, девушка увидела, что знания, полученные в университете, это, прежде всего теория, скелет профессии, и только практика показывает все нюансы работы в туристическом бизнесе (впрочем, как и везде).

Были и ошибки, и страх, но Ирина поняла, что данная отрасль – то место, где она сможет себя реализовать.

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Художник – индиго

x_52598109Еще одна статья сегодня, об удивительном и необычном художнике Leon Asher

Post about Russian – German artist Leon Asher, who also created Kunstflow community

Расскажите немного о себе, где Вы живете.
Родился на Урале, живу под Кёльном, в Германии уже более двадцати лет.
Полюбил природу, пытаюсь понять людей и систему их отношений в обществе, даже защитил докторскую.

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