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Designer of handbags and future writer

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13925631_1114926628568257_3092809729178924031_oToday I want to present you story by Elena. She struggled in her life, but her optimism and hope helped her to achieve new goals and dreams.

Good day everyone, my name is Elena. I am 35 years old. I am married for 18 years and I have a 13 years old son. My men are my team.

Now we live in the USA, where we came 3 months ago.

We love warm and sunny Florida, where summer, ocean and smiling people are all year around.

Before we moved to the USA, we lived in England in the most beautiful city in the word Windsor. I miss a lot its castle and my walks in charming alleys and parks.

I love living in different countries, I am an open person and it is easy for me to meet new people.

My openess and sociability helped me a lot before, when we moved to Kiev.


13178010_1058587640868823_8427699777677566342_nThere, at hospital, they discovered ovarian tumor in my body. It was necessary to act fast. And during treatment I was lucky to meet new friends, good doctors who helped me to return my health.

Now I am working on my first book about my illness. I am describing my illness there and how I won over it. I tell in details about phases of treatment, what happened with my mood and body, how I survived 6 chemotherapies.

My dream is to help with my book all women in need, who have the same situation as I had before. I would be happy to hear any feedback.

Despite all my bad days during treatment, when my mood changed every minute, when I was losing my confidence, I discovered a positive side of my disease.

All my time and energy I gave to art creation.

Designer handbags

I love embroidery from childhood. I made pillows and paintings. And then suddenly I had an idea about use of my talents. I just saw how beautiful cross stitching will be on womens’ handbags.

This how I started to create them.

My main inspiration is Ukrainian ornaments. But I don’t like simply copy a scheme, I like to add something new, I use unusual colors and combinations.

Every bag is made with manual work, it is unique, and each of them has warmth and piece of my soul.

I am very happy, that Ukrainian needleworking is popular all around the world, not only in Ukraine, England and the USA, but in other countries.13872817_1116230498437870_2945752118330747165_n

It gives me opportunity to be part of the handmade history.

On my website you can see my new works. Also I add there photos from my travellings, favourite parts of the world, some cute design things and just something I captured on camera. The world around me gives me real inspiration.

Other aspects of my life

During the day I also try to do sport exercises, to stay in good shape. Together with my family we explore Florida’s cities. We love museums, theaters, musicals. One of my hobby is astrology, with it I try to find answers and to understand myself better.

In the end I want to wish all readers of elille‘s blog to find your favourite business, job, hobby. Something that will help you to develop yourself and that will give you happiness, confidence in your powers and gratification from your life.

Good luck to all of you!”

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