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Visiting Fanø island in Denmark

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Hello, my dear reader, it’s been awhile when I wrote post on my blog. Now I am visiting Denmark and had a lot of things to do here.
In today’s post I want to write about incredible festival I visited on Fanø island.

Where is Fanø?

Fanø is a Danish island, it is situated in the North Sea off the coast of southwestern Denmark. The island is 16 km long and 5 km wide.

DSC01087Why is Fanø interesting?

Fanø is great for all nature lovers and the ones who likes active vacation. The island is not so big, we crossed 30 km around on our bicycles. There are 3 small little towns: Nordby, Rindby and Sønderho, and you will just like them.
The best place of island are, of course, its beaches. They are huge, you can even cross it with your bikes or car, even buses have a route on the beach.
They try to attract as much tourists as possible and organise different events, like Jazz festival, Knit festival, Godtfolk, golf events, kite festival.
Also, apparently, it is easy to get married there,since I saw a lot of weddings. A lot of people rent summer houses.
There several museums on Fanø, like Fanø shipping collection, Fanø art museum, Sønderho windmill, Hannes House.
For the one who are interested in history would be interesting to walk on the streets with cozy houses from 19th century or to see the fortifications from World War II. On Fanø there were built around 300 bunkers, during the German occupation troops counted approx. 3000 soldiers.

How to get to Fanø?

The ferry to Fanø goes from Esbjerg to Nordby. You will be on island in 12 minutes.

The seals of Fanø and the Wadden SeaIMG_20150620_130605

The Wadden Sea is a World Herritage by UNESCO. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea and nature. There live around 10,000 species. From islands sometimes you can see seals. It is estimated that there are about 3000 harbor seals, which are the most common species of the seal.


NordbyBy visiting Fanø in June you will be able to explore (or to take part) in biggest kite festival in the world. Around 5000 kite flyers from everywhere come to Denmark. On island it is so windy that it makes it perfect for kites. It is unbelievable feeling to walk or to cycle through thousands of kites! I got a feeling, that I was in sky ocean with colorful fish, birds, animals etc.
It is truly unique event!
That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post and will come to Fanø one day yourself!

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