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Game night in Aarhus, creativity meeting and guide at Aarhus institute


Tal R

In my struggles with Danish language recently I didn‘t write any posts, but today is the day! I really missed writing for my blog.

Yesterday I had great and interesting day in Aarhus and I am looking forward to share the story with you, my dear readers.

My day started at Hasle culture house. In the area there live a lot of pensioners and people with small incomes, so at library they opened culture house. They have different initiatives, like creative shop, where one can bring their hand – made and sell it (there are pieces from Somalia, Romania, most are from Denmark). Since I like hand made, visiting this shop gives me inspiration (one woman does painting on stones, another makes braceletes from tooth brushes). Also at the culture house they have lessons for pregnant women, glass making, bord tennis and cafe with lunches and cakes (run by volunteers, so the prices are very small).

The event I attended was creative meetings, mostly pensioners come there, so for me it was great opportunity to practise my Danish. I really like pensioners here in Denmark, they have very social life and lots of hobbies. One can argue that they have good pensions so they can afford it. Well, it can be true, but also I think it is in the culture. People here do a lot of volunteer works, and no matter how ill they can be in an old age, they go to different social events.

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August and September events in Aarhus

528668564_640This month was extremely busy for me.

Not only because of Danish lessons I am taking for the moment, but mostly because of so many interesting things were happening in Aarhus and around.

Firstly, I attended Middle Age festival in Horsens (50 km from Aarhus). It is biggest in Scandinavia, with middle age folk music, costumes, food etc.

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“Matador” musical at Vilhelmsborg festspil

11800433_930015760402920_5484850376906740350_nSince I started to learn Danish language, I also became curious about Danish culture and Danish tradition. I think when you are immigrant, no matter how you know language, there can be some barriers when you speak with native citizens. They all have common memories about childhood (movies, cartoons, jokes, history lessons etc.), and for foreign person it can be difficult sometimes. For the moment for me it is important to be integrated into Danish society, so I try to discover different things that all Danes know.

And the first thing, my Danish friends advised me to watch, was TV – show “Matador”.

The show was going from 1978 till 1982 and it is still is shown on television.

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“My Danish baby blog”, meeting with author

11224588_1626313984315479_7577733243064880378_oThis month is very active for me for new interesting meetings. And today I am delight to present you a story about Daniela, with who I met at DOKK-1. Daniela has her blog about parenthood in Denmark.

Daniela is from Colombia. In 2013 she came to Denmark to start her master’s in journalism. The very first day she met a Dane, who now is her husband (actually, he is half – Italian, half – Swedish, born in Denmark). He studied cryptography and security at university.

After they got married, they discovered happy news, that they would become parents.

And then Daniela started to have total new experience for herself – being a mother at foreign country.

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To be happy at foreign country

11866490_10205634350232637_4913902510680936128_nOften when I meet immigrants, they start to complain about their present life at a foreign country, how different new culture is and how they miss their homes. It makes me sad to hear this, because I think if you made decision to live at a foreign country, you need to do everything possible to understand it and to be happy.

That‘s why meeting with such person as Michelle is a life present to me. As it appeared, it wasn’t the first time Michelle gave interview, she was telling her life story before.

Michelle is a positive and active person and she shows that an immigrant can find happiness in a new country.

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Love story from charismatic blogger

I had another interview with blogger, this time in person, we met in Aarhus.me1

Irina is 34 years old, she is from Belarus and she lives in Denmark for half a year already.

She was very kind to share her love story with me.

Irina worked at high school as English teacher in Brest, until one day Norwegian man wrote her an email where he asked to show him city. He planned to stay several days in Brest, and then go to Minsk and afterwards to Moscow. Irina knew she would be busy with school final exams but agreed to meet him. With Irina time flies very quickly. When I interviewed her I didn’t notice how 1,5 hours passed. Irina is a very charming and interesting woman. So I can totally understand Niels who changed his travelling plans and stayed in Brest for 2 weeks. Also he convinced Irina to travel with him to Moscow.

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How to learn Danish in Lithuania

It was pleasure to see today Agne,  another  couchsurfer I met for interview. She is 27 years old, from Lithuania.9180902_l_0a93cf3f01e63a11d6c1b27dfd9f6d06

Smiling, positive, caring and kind, in one hour we talked and became friends. In the end I was telling about my life already. She is the person to who you trust immediately!

I have lived in Denmark for one year already, and I have so much problems with studying Danish language, so I was in shock to meet person, for who Danish became main profession and passion in life.

Agne has studied Danish at university, received bachelor’s in Lithuania, and for one year she lived in Denmark during her Erasmus studies.

After graduation she taught Danish to doctors, who were going to work in Denmark.

Now she is living in Denmark, she found temporary job as a nanny (her baby is so cute and nice, he was so friendly), and now she plans to enter university in Vilnius and to have master’s in translation English-Danish- Lithuanian.

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