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Lecture about meaning of life

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Лого Хаб Лаб в вектореThis weekend I attended several interesting events, among them – seminar about destination at “Hub Odessa”. The seminar was dedicated to Hub’s new program of social enterprise. The speaker of seminar was Igor Solodov. He was telling about a lot of interesting things and I want to share the information with you.

  • In Odessa they want to create social business projects that will include people who want to change the world for better. As an example he was talking about social project in Ivano – Frankovsk. There 100 people invested money in café “100”, part of incomes they spend for rent and salaries, and the rest of money they give to charity organization “Warm city” that supports social project in this city. This is good example how normal business can support charity.
  • For inspiration Igor advised to watch Steve Jobs’ speech in front of student, and the speech of Diana Nyad.architect
  • The main topic was how to find your goal in life. And Igor suggested two ways: to look for it (for examples in traveling) or to find in yourself (to test your abilities in different projects, even if you fail you will have experience about yourself, and what you really want/ don’t want in your life).
  • You have to find inspiration and motivation from your job and the things you are doing. Otherwise you will not be able to work extra hours or even to stand form the bed.
  • Try to be detective of your life. Detectives don’t know who committed the murder, they try different versions, so try versions of your life as well, and you will be closer to the truth.
  • We live much longer than people did hundreds years ago, so it is normal to change different professions in your life.
  • Try to imagine your big future. The more you dream the more energy you will get for your project.
  • Always ask yourself “Who am I? Where do I go?”motivation2
  • You are not tree, you are not standing on one place, you change, so don’t look back in the past yourself. You can do great things now!
  • Don’t give all your energy to the social project, just give extra of what you have. You need to find balance between pain you feel because of bad things in life and love and desire to change things. If you will sacrifice yourself, you will not help anyone and especially yourself.motivation_23

These were basic things of the speech, and I hope it will help you. Have a nice day, and hope you have project in your life that is changing our world for better!

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