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Jewellery designer from Denmark

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189235-72ded4e7cf9344e3b578dce69646d016Today I have a special guest for you. Her name is Marika, owner of “ByMarika” brand.

And she was extremely kind to tell her life story to readers of the blog.

For many years Marika didn’t know what career she wanted to make for herself. But she always knew that she wanted to create her own life. After finishing Market economist she ended up at the online shop department at “Vila” which is a subbrand to the big Danish clothing company “Bestseller”. She worked her way up to department manager in two years, and after one year as a manager she decided that it was time for her to make a move if she ever wanted to do what she had always dreamed of.

“After quitting my job I started small internet shop called vintagebutikken.dk. Here I sold vintage jewellery from all over the world. I got many silver rings which were broken and I signed up for a class to learn how to repair them. I found a talent in working with silver and “ByMarika” came alive. Silver is a very natural metal to start out with. It’s not too expensive, but is still considered a precious metal”.

She started out with vintagebutikken in March 2013. “Bymarika” opened in February 2014.

Marika doesn’t do collections. She makes new jewellery when she gets a new idea. “When I make something new, something old mostly has to go. I can’t have too big collection while handling the entire business by myself. I need to be able to have something in stock of everything”.189235-76915e73e4d44876ac8378f7883fa8e6

Marika is very into minimalistic jewellery. So the challenge is to take something really simple and give it a small detail that makes it stand out. The workshop is placed on a building side. All the building mess is actually a great inspiration!

Marika makes jewellery every day. And she experiments a lot. Practice is the best way to get better.

Her inspiration is in everything around. She loves to be creative in many other ways. When she has the time, Marika finds pleasure in doing something creatively that does not involve jewellery. Painting or making concrete candle holders for instance.

This business lady tries to be special by working with precious metals, but for her is important to keep a very good price.

“I think people find it very nice that they are able to buy something handmade directly from the designer herself, even if they are students on a budget. They feel that they get something special instead of something mass produced from “H&M”. Therefore, the story behind it, is perhaps just as important as the jewellery itself.”

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