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Corona talks 12. With a plus size stylist

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Modern fashion industry, slowly, but moving towards to include more diversity in their collections and fashion shows.

There are top plus size models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holiday.

But there still are challenges to find beautiful clothes for those whose size tag says ”XL” +.

Today’s blog guest is Marina, a ”plus size” stylist ”without complexes”.

Personal life

Marina lives in Rostov– on- Don, Russia. She is married and has 2 small kids.

Marina is a professional stylist from 2017. Fashion was always part of her life.

As long as she remembers she loved choosing different fabrics, dresses for different occasions. Her favorite hobby was to go to malls for shopping. She helped her friends to shop, but never thought that finding the right dress or trousers can be a challenge for some.

She graduated from Rostov University with a degree in ”regional studies”.

After graduation she married, got the first child and worked on different office jobs.

She understood that work at the office doesn’t interest her, it was boring and she was not willing to give to the company 8 hours daily for the rest of her life.

She was looking as well for an opportunity to combine the family life and her dream carrier.

She sat and asked herself a questions ”What do I like to do?”, ”What I am willing to do for free or for the low price”.

And Marina understood the fashion and style were her uniqueness and passion.

She took a course in style from a local stylist. There she got an extra attention from her teacher, who complimented her choice of looks.

When she published on her instagram that she completed the course, she got lots of positive response from many friends and acquaintances.

Later she got a job as a stylist at the local mall, won a prize at the ”Russian Congress of stylists” in the category ”The best individual look”.

From 2019 she is a personal stylist and offers courses both for individuals and stylists Plus Size. →→→

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