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Happy tailor in Norway

I met Ida in Aarhus on rainy Monday afternoon. We were talking less than one hour, because she needed to take train to visit a friend. But I am very happy we managed to meet anyway. Ida lives in Norway now, she came to Aarhus just for 3 days, so I am very grateful she found some time for our talk.3236510_l_fb4b73dbe46de4168639dac8c6d79469

Ida is 26 years old, she just recently graduated technical school, her favorite thing in the world is sewing and she is a professional tailor now.

For the moment she is working in theater in city Kristiansand.  Ida has been working as well in opera in Aarhus for 2,5 years and in London Royal Opera House for one month.

In 2008-2009 she decided to travel to unknown places, it brought her for 6,5 month to South America. She traveled alone, but while she stayed in hostels she met a lot of friendly people and joined them in their journeys. She has been in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador. It was amazing life experience.  The top of her travelling list now is Australia.

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