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Semiotics professor and writer

I think without challenges our lives would be too boring. Opening my own blog was a big challenge for me, but now I think that it is one of the best decisions in my life, I met so many fantastic people already! But in the FS.photo.mertzbeginning I met mostly people from couchsurfing, with who I can say I was on the same level of experiences, I traveled a lot, I surfed  and hosted, so meeting with couchsurfers were like meetings with friends, and not just interviewing. So when I felt more secure to interview people I decided to have new tasks in my life.

In Aarhus there are more than 35 000 students, and I met some of them, of course, during my life in Denmark. I wanted to know more about university life, but from another side. So I contact some professors to agree about interviews.

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