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Journalist from Algeria

10353580_1516083451991769_279459954892169534_nRecently I discovered on facebook fantastic group “Friends without boarders”.

There are so many nice and interesting people. And some of them agreed to be guests on my blog.

The first one for today is Moubani Nabil, journalist from Algeria.

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Meeting with a Dutch journalist

inger2After meeting with Inger Stokkink at different International community events I finally asked her for interview. Inger has so many stories to tell that it was just a matter of time when we will meet for an interview.

The very first time I heard about Inger was from International community journal “Expat Partners: Our stories”, where she was telling about her life in Denmark. After this I met with her at a business seminar, and finally after meeting her at Danish Christmas decorations workshop I asked her to meet me for an interview.

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Semiotics professor and writer

I think without challenges our lives would be too boring. Opening my own blog was a big challenge for me, but now I think that it is one of the best decisions in my life, I met so many fantastic people already! But in the FS.photo.mertzbeginning I met mostly people from couchsurfing, with who I can say I was on the same level of experiences, I traveled a lot, I surfed  and hosted, so meeting with couchsurfers were like meetings with friends, and not just interviewing. So when I felt more secure to interview people I decided to have new tasks in my life.

In Aarhus there are more than 35 000 students, and I met some of them, of course, during my life in Denmark. I wanted to know more about university life, but from another side. So I contact some professors to agree about interviews.

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