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Meeting with a Dutch journalist

inger2After meeting with Inger Stokkink at different International community events I finally asked her for interview. Inger has so many stories to tell that it was just a matter of time when we will meet for an interview.

The very first time I heard about Inger was from International community journal “Expat Partners: Our stories”, where she was telling about her life in Denmark. After this I met with her at a business seminar, and finally after meeting her at Danish Christmas decorations workshop I asked her to meet me for an interview.

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Inspiration seminar about Entrepreneurship by Aarhus International Community

Last week I was lucky to attend one event organized by International community in Aarhus. International community allows to attend a lot of interesting places in the city, that usually I would not be able to see. Thanks to this organization I have been at the City Archive, at “Århus Stiftstidende” newspaper office, at Aarhus Cathedral and met a lot of nice people from different countries.

This time I decided to go to some seminar, it called “You can do it! – Inspiration seminar about Entrepreneurship”, I didn’t understand what it will be about exactly, but it took part at Aros museum, so I wanted just to go and to see.

Seminar was just amazing, it took almost 4 hours, and I got so much new information.

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