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Love story from charismatic blogger

I had another interview with blogger, this time in person, we met in Aarhus.me1

Irina is 34 years old, she is from Belarus and she lives in Denmark for half a year already.

She was very kind to share her love story with me.

Irina worked at high school as English teacher in Brest, until one day Norwegian man wrote her an email where he asked to show him city. He planned to stay several days in Brest, and then go to Minsk and afterwards to Moscow. Irina knew she would be busy with school final exams but agreed to meet him. With Irina time flies very quickly. When I interviewed her I didn’t notice how 1,5 hours passed. Irina is a very charming and interesting woman. So I can totally understand Niels who changed his travelling plans and stayed in Brest for 2 weeks. Also he convinced Irina to travel with him to Moscow.

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