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To be happy at foreign country

11866490_10205634350232637_4913902510680936128_nOften when I meet immigrants, they start to complain about their present life at a foreign country, how different new culture is and how they miss their homes. It makes me sad to hear this, because I think if you made decision to live at a foreign country, you need to do everything possible to understand it and to be happy.

That‘s why meeting with such person as Michelle is a life present to me. As it appeared, it wasn’t the first time Michelle gave interview, she was telling her life story before.

Michelle is a positive and active person and she shows that an immigrant can find happiness in a new country.

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Delicious Belgian desserts and a story from Niels

6131327_l_b0371da68b55b0710d935b2d76e93517Niels is another nice Belgian I met in Aarhus. Open about his life, friendly, a bit serious, very interesting, this is how I discovered Niels like a person. “Happiness is everywhere you just have to recognize it!” – one of his most favorite quotes .

Niels is 25 years old, first he came to Denmark during his studies (he studied coal industry engineering) 3 years ago,  he met here a nice girl Deni from Bulgaria, and they began to date, even when Niels received job and for a year worked in Switzerland, they didn’t stop seeing each other.

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