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Math and science school teacher

With Martin we met at  a very nice  Cafe Jorden  in Aarhus, cosy atmosphere,  retro posters, black and white photos of famous café’s visitors, all this made our  conversation with Martin trustful and lovely.

Our conversation was about Martin’s volunteer job in Red Cross,  his amazing job as a teacher and his hobbies.

He became volunteer in 2001 with Red Cross project in Brandbrand, for kids who were born in Denmark, but they don’t know Danish so good, so Martin helped them with math and language.

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Bartender and volonteer

I was looking forwards to meet Nikolaj, he is 25 years old, he lives in Aarhus and he has so many opposite interests. We met for a drink  at one of my favorite place’s in the city, café Vestegade, and then went for a walk and sat near the river.

Some years ago Nikolaj was working at it – company, but one day decided that it doesn’t work for him and he needs something else in his life. He wanted to help people and improve his communicative skills, so he started volunteer projects. His first job was at non -profit place,” Fairbar”, he worked there 2 years  first as as bartender,  and then he was  a supervisor of the volunteer bartenders. That helped him to get his present job at main disco club in Denmark, “Train”, where he works 30 hours per week  during one year. Also he has project at the  Red Cross named  Flygtningementor, he helps  newcomers with Danish language, documents’ translation and to adapt in Danish society. In the summer he will be volunteer  at youth camp for children.

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Story about spiritual journey

Today’s hero of my blog is another couchsurfer, Mattias Friis. He is 25, he has bachelor’s  degree in medieval  archeology, he was working in excavations in Ribe and Odense, but he doen’t look at all like boring scientist.

His life is a journey to find himself.

In high school he was very good in cycling, and he was hoping to be professional, but he had accident and it turned  his life to totally different direction.  Now  he thinks it happened for the best, but for some years  he was in confusion about his life, Mattias didn’t know what he wanted from his life.

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Harley – Davidson admirer, traveller,editor, businessman

Being an active member of couchsurfing.org I have met a lot of interesting people. I think couchsurfing is a very special community, there are so many different people, but they all have one thing in common – love for travelling.  Mostly couchsurfers are open- mind, friendly, helpful, they love people and share their  homes and food.

So when I started my blog and was thinking about  who should I start writing, one of the first ideas was, of course, about people from couchsurfing.

So I began to meet locals in Aarhus to discover their ways of living, dreams, ideas, hobbies, and, of course, about their way of travelling. Since I love to discover other countries and cultures, this is one of my favorite topics to discuss 🙂

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