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Interview with a postcard lover from Italy

24848643_m_bf0fea1c2cb0c99ce86245afbe0a83d0Being a member of couchsurfing for a long time, recently I joined a postcard club there. Very quickly it became a passion and I started to send postcards to every corner of the world. In the group I found post from couchsurfer member, who recently started her blog about postcards. I contacted her and she kindly answered my questions by email.

So meet today’s guest, Giuliana, age 23, from Italy.

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IT-consultant and traveller

Usually I try not to be late for my interviews, sometimes it happened, but this time I had good excuse, in Aarhus there are 50% sales, so I just couldn’t pass some shops. Luckily, my interviewee was late himself, so I didn’t feel embarrassed. We went to the nearest cafe and had a nice talk.

This time I met with Jacob, he is 32 years old. Originally he is from Odder, studied in Aarhus at business school. And he is living in Copenhagen for the moment; he has been working for a half a year in IT- consulting company. I heard about differences between Aarhus and Copenhagen citizens, so I ask how was the life for Jacob in the capital.

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