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Презентация выставки Одесских художников в музее г. Ильичевска


Совершенно случайно узнала про презентацию выставки в музее изобразительных искусств им. А.М. Белого. Выставка представила работы двух одесских художников – В.В. Лимо и Г.П. Вовка.

После презентации мне удалось пообщаться с обоими художниками.

И мне бы хотелось поделиться полученной информацией с Вами, мои дорогие читатели.

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Юная художница Диана

dreams_by_soniumjm10051-d68i319Как часто мы говорим себе, что вот в наше время мы и учились лучше, и уровень образования было лучше, и дети не те пошли… Вечная проблема, которую описал Тургенев И.С. в романе «Отцы и дети».

Но жизнь всегда предоставляет нам новые грани. И на самом деле в наших странах есть очень много талантливых и потрясающих молодых людей!

И сегодня с огромным удовольствием представляю историю юной художницы Дианы из прекрасного казахского города Алматы.

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Группа камтугеза

7pUYerMI29sThis post is about social group in vk.com (Russian facebook). Post is written with help of group administrator

Совершенно случайно вконтакте наткнулась на группу “Камтугеза“, и не смогла оторваться! В ней столько всего интересного. Хотя встречи и мероприятия организуются, в основном, в Германии, у группы есть несколько подгрупп, например группа художников. Я связалась с администратором группы и задала ей несколько вопросов.

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Interview with a postcard lover from Italy

24848643_m_bf0fea1c2cb0c99ce86245afbe0a83d0Being a member of couchsurfing for a long time, recently I joined a postcard club there. Very quickly it became a passion and I started to send postcards to every corner of the world. In the group I found post from couchsurfer member, who recently started her blog about postcards. I contacted her and she kindly answered my questions by email.

So meet today’s guest, Giuliana, age 23, from Italy.

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Meeting with a Dutch journalist

inger2After meeting with Inger Stokkink at different International community events I finally asked her for interview. Inger has so many stories to tell that it was just a matter of time when we will meet for an interview.

The very first time I heard about Inger was from International community journal “Expat Partners: Our stories”, where she was telling about her life in Denmark. After this I met with her at a business seminar, and finally after meeting her at Danish Christmas decorations workshop I asked her to meet me for an interview.

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Meeting with film production assistant

1b53b98I think most of you went to some language classes. While my living in Denmark I decided to attend language school. My group is a very nice, but we have evening classes and all of the students have jobs, so we don’t have enough time to socialise and get each other better. About my classmates I know some basic information where they work, names, countries they came from. But we communicate on the breaks or while doing some language exercices, but anyway is not enough to really get know a person.

During one of such exercises I was sitting near one girl, who wanted to change groups to study Danish a bit faster. We talk a bit, and then she told me she got an internship in a film company.

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Love story from charismatic blogger

I had another interview with blogger, this time in person, we met in Aarhus.me1

Irina is 34 years old, she is from Belarus and she lives in Denmark for half a year already.

She was very kind to share her love story with me.

Irina worked at high school as English teacher in Brest, until one day Norwegian man wrote her an email where he asked to show him city. He planned to stay several days in Brest, and then go to Minsk and afterwards to Moscow. Irina knew she would be busy with school final exams but agreed to meet him. With Irina time flies very quickly. When I interviewed her I didn’t notice how 1,5 hours passed. Irina is a very charming and interesting woman. So I can totally understand Niels who changed his travelling plans and stayed in Brest for 2 weeks. Also he convinced Irina to travel with him to Moscow.

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Drie culturen blogger

Today I received answers of my first email interview from Janneke. She has her blog about third culture kids, hope you would enjoy her story and her fantastic blogMalawi

1. Please, tell me a bit about yourself. How old are you, what are you doing for the moment in Nederlands. Do you study or work?
You start with the toughest question. I will give you a hint: my transition to university is more than 15 years ago, so then you can guess my age. I have a day job at a Dutch university and I love learning new things. At the moment I am following a MOOC by the Harvard School of Public Health on edX.

2.How did you come with idea to start your blog? Why did you decide to write about TCKs?

That’s a long story. In June 2010 I read the “Oprah” magazine and it said “Dream it, Do it”. Part of the article was about writing your story and that is something I had wanted to do for some time. It said take a small step and start a blog. So that was the first seed that was planted. At the beginning of 2011 I went to an auction sale, they were raising money for Ellen’s Childrens Fund. It was a fund to help children all over the globe. Ellen was a lovely collegue whom I knew from my former job. She went to do volunteerwork with the Bill Clinton association and unfortunately she was shot dead in Lesotho. Bill Clinton dedicated his book “Giving” to the Dutch nurse Ellen. So I went to the aution and I wanted to participate, in the end I went home with a voucher worth 2 hours of help on the internet. So along came Annemiek one evening and she helped me start my blog. It was easier than I thought it would be. So out of the tragic event of Ellen’s death something new was born: the DrieCulturen blog.
I wanted to write about third culture kids because when I moved from Zimbabwe to the Netherlands to go to university I had never heard of the term “third culture kids”. Years later I read the book “Third Culture Kids, growing up Among Worlds” by David Pollock and Ruth van Reken and it was such a great relief to discover that there was a group of people that had the same feelings as I did. I was not strange but I felt strange because of my years growing up in other cultures. My parents are Dutch but my identity had been greatly influenced by the years I had spent in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. I hope to raise the awareness about third culture kids. I hope parents thing about what it is like for kids to make international moves every few years. There is a positive side but there is a negative side too!

3. Was it difficult to find ideas for your first posts? How do you find ideas now and how do you find people for interviews? Do people you contact always agree to be interviewed??

To answer your last question first: everyone I have asked to be interviewed has agreed to do so, maybe I should ask more people! I read an article some time ago and it said that one of keys to success is daring to ask questions. I asked Heidi Sand-Hart to donate a signed copy of her book and to let me interview her for the first anniversary of my blog and she said yes! It was very encouraging. You can read the interview here.
The first 6 weeks of my blog I posted a post everyday. I was very passionate about my blog and I actually really enjoyed the new challenge. Third culture kids like doing new things and having new challenges so maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much….
I read other blogs on third culture kids and these some times give me ideas. I like linking to new resources or new books. I am always searching the internet for new information on TCKs. Daring to be creative helps. I did an interview with Jessica Wen a design student who is a TCK. I just liked her TCK identity bookproject. The interview is now being read by many people.
It was not very difficult to find ideas for my first posts, one of the reasons was that I had a goal for my blog, I knew what it was all about, I had a focus. I wanted more people to know what third culture kids are, I wanted to tell part of my story and I discovered that it is actually quite fun.

4.How much time do you spend to write every post?

To be honest I do not have a blog plan. Some people decide to post twice or three times a week. My blog is a passion and a hobby of mine and I want it to fit in with all the other things I do in life. I do not know how long it takes me. I usually work on my blog in the evenings and I just start and finish when I am satisfied with the result. If I do not finish it in one evening then I continue the post on another evening.

5.You have written already more than 150 posts, your blog is 2 years old and it was expend blog nominee at 2012, you even were interviewed on radio station,  do you feel that this blog is important part of your life now?? Did it influence or change somehow your life? How did it change your relationships with friends for example, or you found a lot of new ones?
Actually many friends do not know I blog. It is not something I talk about all the time. I have made new friends online and I have met some in reallife too. I hope to meet more in the future. My blog and twitter has opened up the world to me. I have connected with other adult TCKs. I am passionate about my subject and blogging gives me energy. It is still a hobby but one I am passionate about. Maybe it sounds strange but by writing about my transition to the Netherlands and about my life in Africa i feel more of a whole person!

6. Do you have other hobbies?

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