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Hjælp syge børn

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16939191_263130510781682_6943854093855623524_nPeople, who do more for others, than they should, always fascinated me. Today I want to present you an interview with Olha, Ukrainian, who started the charity organisation for ill kids.

  • Please tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Olha. I am just a common person. I live in Denmark with my husband and two children, working. The only I can say that I get great satisfaction from helping people, especially kids.

  • How long are you in Denmark?

I came to Denmark about 12 years ago to work on a farm, where I spent 5 years. At that time I met my future husband. Afterwards we moved to the city, I got education, married and started the life as we have it now.

  • What was your background before moving to Denmark?

Charity event on International Children’s Day, Club ‘Ukraine’, 2016

I was born and spent my childhood in a small Ukrainian village. My family always, like others at that time in Ukraine, had a lack of money. After school my mother sent me to the city to study at the Institute, where I got the chance to go abroad for learning and practice. I really wanted to help my family financially and thought it would be a very good idea.

  • How did you feel, when you moved to Denmark. What challenges did you have as a foreign, and what did help you to integrate?

The first times living abroad were very difficult for me. I was so nervous about moving and loaning the money for the trip, that I got sick. I had big troubles with my skin and worries how did I look like, but fortunately I could treat myself. This experience helps me now to understand sick people in need.

I liked Denmark as country from the very beginning. It was amazing for me to see its parks, shops, buildings, streets and I think my integration process was fast and easy. The hosts and people around were very kind and nice to me, and I always felt their support and feeling that they were ready to help me.

  • How do you participate in social life here in Denmark?

I consider my family and myself to be very sociable people: we communicate with neighbors, colleagues; we like to participate in different events. I am extravert by nature and enjoy communication. I worked as a volunteer in making food for old needy people and hereof my active social life position started.

  • How did the charity project started? Tell us a bit about the goals of organization?


    Irina Romanchyk, Olga and Alina Nielsen, most active members of the organisation

I really liked the quote about Denmark, that it is a country where the strong helps the weak. Together with the other girls we decided to register a volunteer organization “Club Ukraine” for newcomers from Ukraine, who needed to get any kind of help, advice or consultation. Also the club intended to keep Ukrainian language and traditions for our children. It happened that one of the directions of our activity was providing financial help for the sick Ukrainian children. After a while we created a different organization “Hjælp syge børn“, focused on charity. Here we realize nonprofit fundraising campaigns and events for sick children and their families. Our goal is to help them getting treatment, operations or other medical help abroad (Denmark, Germany, and Belgium). Many of small patients with their parents come to Odense, Denmark and in those cases we also meet them and provide them with our practical assistance. Also we buy and send medical supplies for butterfly children in Ukraine. Some children with diabetes diagnosis come for getting genetic examination, which can’t be done now in Ukraine, and here they can get exact diagnosis and special prescription.

  • What projects did you do by now?

I can’t say exact number of projects we did, but every year from starting (we help sick children already 5 years) we do charity concerts, breakfasts, events, auctions, fairs etc. I can say that for this period we gathered over 1 million DKK to help about 100 children.

  • How do you choose children? Unfortunately in Ukraine there can be frauds even with childrens’ illness.

Charity event ‘Ukrainian talents in Denmark’, club ‘Ukraine’

We get many requests and it’s one of the most difficult parts of our volunteer job when we have to decline some of them. Being the democratic organization we have the Board of Directors who votes for every decision. We are trying not to open fundraising for more than 2 children at the same time, so we can have more ponderable results. Every year we should get a permission from the fundraising committee for gathering voluntary contributions and provide a financial report in the end. To avoid frauds we cooperate with the trusted hospitals, where these children should arrive, and in case there is any extra money after treatment we get them back and can use them for helping others.

  • What program do you have for this year? How people can help your organization?

Charity concert by Pavlo Tabakov, organised by club ‘Ukraine’ and ‘Hjælp syge børn’

We are planning to create our own web-side with all information about us and the kind of help we can provide for sick children. Also we will continue with our annual charity events and will cooperate with other volunteer organizations in Denmark. For example, we have an idea to find out companies which can provide us with unnecessary for them medical supplies, which can be very useful for sick children in Ukraine. We are ready to get any kind of help from volunteers: their ideas, time and energy for promotion, assistance in managing events, and, of course, financial support, which can be sent to our requisites:

Mobile Pay: 53 46 06 65


Reg. nr.9570, kontonr 11947247

IBAN: DK2930000011947247


You always can get more information from our page: https://www.facebook.com/hjaelpsygeboern/?fref=ts

or by tel: +45 53 46 06 65 and e-mail: hjaelpsygeboern@gmail.dk

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