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Volunteer at an animal shelter

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10855015_509129969225942_6312327051627566417_oToday I would like to introduce you Zulfiya, volunteer from an animal schelter.

Zulfiya is 29, she was born in Moscow, graduated an institute of tourism and hospitality, was working at hotels and tourist companies before last year she got married and moved to Aarhus, Denmark.

Living in a new country was difficult in the beginning for Zulfiya, because of new rules, new language, having only husband and no other relatives. But slowly she got new friends and became more familiar to Danish culture.

Zulfiya is interested in photography, astropsychology, jewelry design from natural stones.

But the main activity in her life is a volunteering job.

Before her moving to Denmark Zulfiya was working at the animal schelter in Moscow, where they keep around 1000 dogs.

She was helping with food preparation, because most of the times dogs eat only dry food. Zulfiya says with a sadness, that dogs were always hungry especially in winter times. She tried to visit them as often as it was possible.

Also she took dogs for a walks to the nearest parks. Unfortunaly dogs have only limited territory at the shelter, what was awful to see. Zulfiya recalls, that when one takes a leash and opens the doors to the aviary, in the eyes of a homeless dog is just pure happiness, because it knows it will be taken for a walk.

But it is luxury for dogs. Most of the homeless dogs never went out from the aviaries, either because they are too aggressive, or they are not teached to the leash. So the volunteers of the shelter tried to help dogs to be more social, so the chances of finding a family for a dog would increase. Zulfiya herself was responsible for 3 dogs, whom she misses a lot. When you do a kind action for a dog, you get only immense gratitude and devotion. Unlike of a human, dogs will never betray one.14859344_1234992546551900_152122856_o

Despite of living in Denmark, Zulfiya still helps shelter by helping with financial control of incoming charity. Money from the charity go to animals’ treatment, food, medicine, vaccination. The state doesn’t support the shelter, so without volunteers there would be difficult lives for animals.

In Denmark Zulfiya also visited a local shelter (she couldn’t be volunteer there because of low knowledge of Danish). She notices a huge difference between conditions of animals’ residence. She hopes, that in Russia there will be new laws of obligatory sterilisation and high taxes. So the person will think twice before taking responsibility of a innocent dog.

Zulfiya wants to learn Danish and to continue working at an animal shelter. As she shares, she has a strong need and energy to help animals. After one starts helping animals, one cannot live as before.

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