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11960007_1193632230653477_694093874363263190_nThis grey Danish Sunday I want to write about sunny Anastasia Takki, painter, designer, author of books and creative studying programms for grownups and children.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Anastasia. And it happened for me to be born as a painter. My parents tried many times to direct me for more ‘earth’ professions, but they didn’t successed. From 6 years old I started to sew dresses for my dolls, and from 16, I sewed clothes for myself and my classmates.

I design products as long as I remember myself. I tried all directions in this area from polygraphics to interior design. Because my love to fashion I started to study master’s degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University, where my lecturer was famous fashion critic Aleksandr Vasilev.

And then a miracle happened. I wrote a book, and it was published at one of the biggest Moscow publishing offices, and to my love to fashion I added love to writing.

10370893_1043353865681315_8093319278414321312_nI think the same surprise experiences a mother, who gave a birth to a child, and she fells that there is even more love in her heart to all of her children.

Fashion, authorship, journalism, video production are all my ‘dear children’.

By the way, I am 39, I am a mother to a 15 year old nymph Malena and a wife of a tall handsome Cypriot.

Where do you life? How do you enjoy your foregn life?

We live in Cyprus in Limassol, we have Greek, Polish and Russian roots, but our hearts are Russian.

We love living in Cyprus, I think, it is one of the best family islands. I feel like we are living on a different planet, where global problems cannot reach us.

 Despite of this, Limassol is a modern, beautiful, clean city, surrounded by history and traditional culture.

At one moment one can be in a noisy city, and in 30 min, one can be in the old village, where an old cypriot woman will offer a piece of a tasty cake and a cup of coffee.

My adaptation to a new country was quite easy, because there are 30% of Russian speaking population on the island. So I have someone to talk with.

And loving and caring husband – is the best basis at a new country.10940602_1043359262347442_7731024058267528693_n

How did you start to design bags?

It started by accident. I always liked fabric painting, but, as any artist, I felt insecure about my talents.

One day I had a job interview with a gifted Moscow artist. My friend offered to work as his PR – manager.

When he discovered that I was a painter also, he demanded to see my works.

Flipping through the album with photos of my paintings, scarfs and bags, he told that he couldn’t work with me.

I needed this job, so I asked him why.

– You are too talented to promote me. You have to promote yourself.

12049454_1212099895473377_476101375787974663_nHe told me, that the way I choosed – to paint on bags and scarfs – is an example of a modern art. Such bags could be not only a clothes decoration, but an element of an interior.

And it really happened that way. My clients cannot carry my pieces just as ordinary bags, they use my bags as part of their home decor!

At the moment I produce many kinds of bags, I work with fabric, leather, felt, but my favorites are bags – paintings. I create unique names for every bag.

Also I organise workshops for children and grownups.

My womens’ worskshop help any person to learn how to paint. It is absolutely untraditional. I don’t teach my students to copy, as many of my collegues do. I help to find one’s unique style. This, unfortunately, classical paintings schools try to ‘kill’ in a person.

Childrens’ workshops are based on mixed techniques of writing and painting – this way chid’s self expression reaches its top and gives good results.

I plan to make on- line painting lessons, and hope to hear feedback from the readers on elille’s blog.

What inspired you?

First of all, my work For me opportunity to create is like a oxygen. My life wouldn’t have meaning without art.

Also I get inspiration from a quote If stars are lit, it means there is someone who needs it’.

I believe that God gives us talents, so we could use them. We need to repay with our paintings, books, music etc. to this world. Only this justifies our fate to serve to people, by creating beauty around us.10941874_1043353915681310_5322339928886408260_n

I want people to buy my bags. I dream that a famous brand will offer me an opportunity to create a collection of accessorizes. I dream my work to be a family business, so one day my gifted daugher will continue my work. But my work is more than a work, it is my mission, my dream, my life’s keynote.

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