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14543358_10154115731929542_316999253_nAfter I created a club for talented women in Aarhus, I am blessed with interesting meetings everyday.

This late Friday story is dedicated to an amazing person Catherina. She is one of the loveliest, funniest and kindest people I have met in my life.

Catherina is from Malaysia, but her family originally comes from India.

6 years ago, on the internet, she met a Danish guy, and they started to chat on everyday topics. Half a year later they decided to meet each other in person. Catherina flew to Denmark for the first time to meet her future husband. This couple doesn’t have an easy romantic story. All this time they had to fly thousand of kilometers to see each other. But in the end they decided, that they love each other no matter of distance, languages and cultures. They got married last year.

14528167_10154115738474542_695600742_nCatherina had a job in Malaysia between her Danish trips. As she says by pure luck she got the job at series shoots ‘Indian summers‘, she was an assistant of a costume designer. Even though the job was stressful, she loved it! Catherina loved her collegues, the movie process and she even had time for extra business.

Catherina is a professional Ayurveda masseur, as she explains, she takes bad energy from people by massage. Additionally she makes her own lotions, sews clothes and little things for home interior and paints positive mandalas.

Besides all this, Catherina is a marketer.

With some of her Malaysian friends, last year, they started a small film production company. So she needed to write company’s presentation letters and send them to potential sponsors.

Again, by luck and meeting the right people, they started working on the script for the Netflix. The plot is kept in secret, but the production will be in Malaysia.14527574_10154115731764542_2090727025_n

Now Catherina lives in Aarhus with her Danish husband, she is still in the process of the receiving Danish visa. But, since she is a very active person, she is taking part in many projects.

Firstly, she is a participant in the exhibition ‘Inspired by Aarhus’ by my creative club, it will take place in DOKK1 in November, where we will present the club.

Also she started to organise her own events, like coctails parties and sewing lessons for beginners.

More stories to come about talented women!

Have a nice weekend!


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