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Snail artist from Qatar

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13662138_1077267409032053_6287435770365962944_oIn this Saturday’s post let me present a talented painter Tatyana.

Tatyana is 36 years old, she is married and has two wonderful sons.

Tatyana graduated an art school, and later from the university, where she studied regions studies. Immediatly after graduation she moved to Egypt, as she always dreamed to live in a warm country near the sea. There she met her future husband. In the beginning they lived in Egypt, later in United Arab Emirates, and now they live in Qatar.

Tatyana feels comfortable in the Middle East. Maybe due to traditional families society, where husband takes full responsibility for his family, where family life is stable and predictable.


Tatyana paints all her life.

Even when she was a child, she used to take a drawing pad and color pencils to the kindergarten. Art seems to be a part of Tatyana’s personality, it is the way to communicate with the outside world.

13731822_1085412494884211_5586532439705016498_oNowadays she is an art teacher. She explains, that she needed to find extra income, since for artists it is diffcult to survive only from sales of their works.

But she thinks, that teaching is the perfect job for her. It is connected with art, it is interesting and inspiring. She works with kids, in future she hopes to find time for lessons for grown ups, where she can teach watercolor and botanical paintings, oil and pastel.

Teaching art is also a good solution for providing living, as it is difficult to rely only on sales of artworks. In order to remain a “free” artist, who follows only his own inspiration, you need to be ready that not all the artworks will be sold and you need to be patient till the painting will find their owners. Although galleries and individual customers buy Tatyana’s paintings, she plans to continue teaching art. She thinks, it is important to share the knowledge in order to release the space in her mind for new knowledge and experience.

Tatyana shares, that inspiration comes to her from everywhere. From a tree, leaning to the earth, from spikelets, lighted by the sun, from shells on the sand or sunrise at the seaside. Sometimes, ideas just appear in her head out of nowhere.

Tatyana’s latest paintings depict snails.

First, she didn’t know why snails inspire her so much and why she has so many new ideas of painting depicting them. Later she understood that snails have something common with her. Snails are the symbols of home comfort and coziness. They always carry their homes on their backs. Tatyana is also a home person, busy with everyday family responsibilities that she carries through the life. And meanwhile she dreams of something unreachable and tries to go beyond expectations. She tries to do something that is really important to her.


Life motto

Tatyana is an artist, who experiments and tries new techniques all the time. She believes, that if an artist reached the top of his talent, it is a ‘dead’ artist. Because everyday one should develop oneself, look for new ideas and become more and more professional in one’s work.

Tatyana hopes, that her professional top is so high, that she will not reach it in the near future.

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