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Handmade toys by Ksenia

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eczwzqbo1hgToday’s guest of the blog is Ksenia, who creates beautiful toys.

Ksenia is from the city Izhevsk (Russia).

Her most bright childhood memories are from the times, when her father helped her and her sister to make different creative things. As when they did a frog from a tree fungus, by adding paper legs and button eyes.

So nobody was surprised when Ksenia decided to study at art school and later at art pedagogical department at the university.

After she graduated from university, she worked at different companies as designer of kitchen furniture, interior designer and event manager.

Moving to Denmark

6nj-lbnkozcDestiny and curiosity brought Ksenia to Denmark. 5 years ago she decided to leave her little family and to try aupair program. She immediately liked to live in Denmark, specially because of its endless fields and blue seas.

The only problem was the language. Nevertheless she entered Steiner‘s pedagogical seminary and she graduates this year. All lessons are in Danish.

As Ksenia recalls, in Denmark she also felt need to the ortodox religion.

She started to attend Sunday masses, and her life changed the direction.
She met new people, she started to attend balls, organised by the father Sergij Bondarev, the priest of Russian ortodox church in Denmark, and his wife – the mother Angelina.

She met her fiance there, and the wedding is planned for next year.

Toy making


As Ksenia tells, she always loved to create something. When she was 7 years old, she sewed an octopus from old clothes slices for her mother’s birthday.

When Ksenia is speaking about her art, she mentions, that she notices differences in her works during last years. In the beginning it was interior design, making postcards, creating flower and balloon compositions. But in Denmark she started to crochet. She studied it herself, so she wouldn’t be able to teach someone. She crochets not by schemes, but by inspiration and experimenting.

That’s why all her works are unique and cannot be repeated the same way.

For the moment her favorite hobby is the toy making. Ksenia tells, that she needs time first to think about her toys. When she has an order, she gives herself enough time to ‘talk’ with her toys, to put soul in them. But once the thinking is done, she needs only several days to sew them, so no matter what the toys finds their new owner in time.

What is your opinion about handmade toys, my dear readers? Share your opinion in the comments and have a nice day!_wi0i0niul0


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