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10417452_1661023330828452_7424804327759746556_nToday’s story is about Maryana, future bestselling author. =)

Maryana is 30 years old. At the age of 15 she moved with her parents to Portugal from Vladivostok (Russia).

She quickly learned the language, thanks to school teachers and new friends. Thanks to her natural curiosity and desire to learn portugese culture, Maryana quickly discovered best places to have cappucino, or secret night views from the mountains.

In the beginning Maryana lived on Madeira island, later she moved to Lisbon, where she lives with her boyfriend.

Maryana always wanted to be independent and dreamed about starting her own business. She decided to study management to have some theoretical background.

As she tells, she was studying and working at the same time, doing different projects.



First writing experience was at the age of 10-12 in Russia. She wrote a fantasy adventure of a teenage girl, who was eaten by the sea monster. In the end the monster turned out to be a submarine. Then, already in Portugal, as she recalls, there was a task at the language lesson to write a story for the school newspaper. So she started to write in Portugese and got published there.


 Maryana enjoyed writing process, but rational grownups told her, that writers didn’t earn enough money and she needed to think about more stable jobs.

So she graduate from university, got the profession and jobs. But the dream to write was always in her heart.

Once she wrote on her facebook page, about problem she had, that she knows several language, but none of them enough to write a good book. Surprisingly enough, her statistics proffesor Wilson Melim wrote her: ‘Write the book, and I will help you’.

13891866_1717992625131522_2540298802660621609_nThis is how they started to write together. Soon the world will see Maryana’s first book ‘Ghostly lights of Sintra’ (it will be in Portugese and English). And as it is her first experience, she works a lot with its name, cover, discription etc. She wants the book to be proffesional, so she spends a lot of time on it.

Maryana specifies, that she is writing mystical and philosophical stories, describes some moments from her own life, her inner world, and lives of her friends.

She gets inspiration from her dreams, stories around, from her friends and family.

She believes, that her inspiration comes from our life lessons, from all inexplicable feelings and theories about ‘how and why it happened in my life’.

Also, Maryana shares, that she has always new ideas from new experiences (tasting nice food at a cozy restaurant, travelling, reading about scientific discoveries), that she started already the second book.

She hopes that her stories will help other people to understand themselves.

For Maryana the process of creation is a parallel universe of her life. She feels that she flies to other worlds, where everything is possible, where one can taste, see and try everything.

She thinks, that every creative person thinks the same, no matter if one is artist or truck driver (since person can be creative in any profession).


Maryana recently received an award in ‘Russian Heritage 2017’.

As she tells, in the beginning she sent several stories to the competitions, but they were refused. Nevertheless organisers offered her to send new stories.

This time, her pieces were accepted, and now she needs to choose her best work for publication.

As she explains, it will be difficult choice, since every story is personal and important to her.

The secret of writing

Maryana says, that her business experience and persistence helps her a lot nowadays. Also she appreciates help of her boyfriend, friends and her readers.

Sometimes she has her dark moments, when she thinks ‘who reads these stories’, but then she sees comments about the book and her spirit is up again.

Once ago one businessman asked her ‘What will happen if you don’t do it?’. She understood, that she would regret it. She believes now, that you can study/ learn/ do anything, but you need to put time and energy into the process. So today she tries not to waste time on doubts and to do what she believes in.

Favorite writers

I was curious about Maryana’s favorite writers, since she writes herself.

She doesn’t have anyone favorite, but she admits, that every composition influence her one way or another. The most interesting book Maryana enjoyed was Allan Kardec’s ‘The Spirits’ Book’. After it she reconsidered her life and understanding of environment rose to the new level. His researches developed Maryana’s personality.

But nothing inspires like meeting with people, who can change direction of the life. In Maryana’s case it was meeting with proffesor Manuel Forjaz, who died 2 years ago. His words ‘Continue to the end, always’ are forever in her mind.

Hope you will enjoy yourself Maryana’s ‘Ghostly lights of Sintra’ soon.

Have a nice day!

P.S. Maryana’s photo by Mario Pires.

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