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Multicultural artist from Chile

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13015385_10208072196716415_7966703809630374409_nIn this late evening post I want to share with you a story of Olga Tretyak, a multicultural artist.

Olga was born and raised in Azerbaijan, in the beautiful Baku.

She got two educations there. First one, geology, was suggested by her mother, who was working in oil industry. And the second was choisen by heart. Olga graduated second time with interior designer diploma.

14249027_10209148148894547_1683640236_nAfterwards she worked at the architecture company. She enjoyed her work for 8 years, but in the end, she understood, that she needs time for creativity.

New chapter of life

4 years ago Olga got married and moved to Chile. She immediately prefered joyful hispanic style of life to the strict eastern traditions, so adaptation was fast and easy.

She misses, of course, her family and friends, and beside this, the warm Caspian Sea.

Olga shares, that after moving to Chile, she got new inspiration from life. She enjoyed meeting new people, beautiful nature around her.

She had to change her profession from interior designer to the graphic designer. But her education and work experience at the previous job helped to learn new specialisation.

That’s how she started to spend more time painting.14269316_10209148148934548_1844266475_n

But Olga decided, if she got a chance to start new chapter of her life, she needed to use this opportunity and to spend time not only working, but for travellings, self- expression and studying.

She complains, that it is hard to depend only from art nowadays, but she aims for this goal.

Olga shares, that her creativity is a place where she feels comfortable. She develops her skills daily and started to take part in diffirent exhibitions. In Chile there were already 4 exhibitions with her pieces, and soon her works will take part in exhibition ‘Inspired by Aarhus’, organised by my creative club.

Other projects

safe_imageBesides painting, Olga enjoys making ceramics and tapestry.

In her works she wants to raise a question of culture crossing. She feels, that she has power and right to share her ideas, since she is an example of being multicultural.

She is Russian, who lived in Middle East and moved to Latin America.

She says, that despite of different cultures, all countries have some common points in art. For example, in carpet patterns or rock painting of Chile and Azerbaijan, or in jewelry of mapuche indians and yakut shamans.

If you want to know more about Olga, visit her website.

Enjoy the night and be inspired by life! 🙂14302934_10209148126893997_2096488519_n

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