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Graphic artist from Antalya

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14171836_10206858444799505_627122435_nToday let me present a talented artist Alina Temur, who is best known under her art pseudonyms AlyLen (Design) and Alina_TEM. First she uses for visual art and design and second for fashion illustrations. As she explains, she want to devide her interests and give every art ‘child’ its own name.

New life in a new country

14152123_10206858446719553_1948507541_oFirst time Alina visited Istanbul in 2010, only for 3 days. She fell in love with the city’s atmosphere, its smells and architecture.

Life is surprising and in 2013 she got married and moved to Turkey. She lives in Antalia, on the Mediterranean’s coast.

Turkey is a hospitable country, but she worked hard to learn the language, so she would be able not only to understand basics, but even joke. For speaking the language she studied at Ankara university.

Professional development

Alina paints from early childhood. When she was 8 years old, her mother took her to art studio to a famous artist and teacher, who immediately saw her love to art. Alina mentions, that she got the art talent from her nobleman grandfather.

Nevertheles, the studying was long and hard. Alina studied at different studios, then started art school in Kiev, attended different workshops.14171825_10206858444919508_151243176_n

The most influence gave her lecturers from Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture, where she graduated faculty of an interior designer.

Alina is sure, that everyday work, desire of new knowledges, exploration of art and architecture styles helped her to find her unique art style.

She mixes her emotions, fantasies and architecture objects.

The artist often paints women on her paintings, as the symbol of all feminine beginning. She wants her viewers to have emotions after looking on her pieces.

Meaning of art in Alina’s life

As one cannot live without breathing, Alina cannot live without her creations.

As she says, her art style was reincarnated, it got up on a new level. Many years her teachers told her what to do, but now she herself is a vector of her direction in art. She dreams, that her works will be family relics and the capital investments.

Other hobbies

14137799_10206858444439496_2007335021_nAlina works not only in graphic style, but with oil paints, watercolors and painting silk in batik technique. One of her batik work was bought by mayor of Turkish city Kemer.

Besides this, she enjoys cooking and watching fashion news. Also after she became a mother, she discovered and started to practise Montessori method of education.

Inspirations in life

Alina gets inspiration from exhibitions in museums and travelling. She loves artists of XX century. She says, that after photocamera was created, artists lost necessity to concentrate on reality’s details, from now on they could concentrate on emotions, colors, mood’s transference. She never can go across such artists as Edgar DegasClaude Monet, Pablo Picasso. The msytery of ‘Black square’ by Kazimir Malevich doesn’t leave her apathetic.

Alina’s favorite modern artists are Leonid Afremov and Peter Terrin.

In the end I asked Alina what helps her in her life. She answered, that if she gets a stupor, she says herself, that no matter what is happening, it happens for the best. And even in the most critical moments of the life, it is necessary to move further. Also Alina believes, that an experience is priceless.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a nice day!


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